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Setup check_vmware.pl on CentOS

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Setup VMWare-CLI Perl Kit on CentOS 5.5 x64 (RedHat)
Older Post with Simillar Information

And overall info on how to monitor ESX


First download my full package witch has all dependencies plus the vmware-vSphere-CLI

Required Dependencies:

  • Class::MethodMaker 2.08 not found.
  • Class::Inspector 0 not found.
  • Task::Weaken 0 not found.
  • SOAP::Lite 0.67 not found.
  • UUID 0.03 not found.
  • XML::NamespaceSupport 1.07 not found.
  • XML::SAX 0.11 not found.
  • XML::LibXML 1.58 not found.

After finally all pre-requistes are done, do:
# mkdir /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/VMware/

Then now you can use the check_vmware.pl plugin:
Get it here: http://www.steveshipway.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1648
# ../libexec/check_vmware.pl

Example os some checks I run:
sudo -u nagios ./check_vmware.pl –mode nagios  –config=/usr/local/etc/vmware.cfg –timeout 30  –host esx1 –report memory
sudo -u nagios ./check_vmware.pl –mode nagios  –config=/usr/local/etc/vmware.cfg –timeout 30  –cluster ESXCluster –report memory

sudo -u nagios ./check_vmware.pl –mode nagios  –config=/usr/local/etc/vmware.cfg –timeout 30  –cluster ESXCluster –report cpu
CPU usage at 26.33%|cpu=26.3383333333333%;80;90;0;100

sudo -u nagios ./check_vmware.pl –mode nagios  –config=/usr/local/etc/vmware.cfg –timeout 30  –guest apache1 –report cpu
CPU usage at 4.17%<BR>CPU stats: Used/System/Ready = 4.17%/0.12%/0.23%|cpu=4.17%;80;90;0;100 ready=0.23%;5;10;0;100 user=4.17%;;;0;100 sys=0.12%;;;0;100

Note that we can get a ESX Cluster total performance or a single ESX or even a host

Big Thanks to Steve Shipway for all effort on writing the check_vmware.pl

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