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monitor site IPS

February 23rd, 2017 No comments

I am sick and tired of my site going down, even know its once in a while it just bother me a lot.
So I spent 20m to write this script and block bad IPs even know I use modeavsive to block more then X concurrent connections from one IP my site keeps going down!

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yum update security check script

January 12th, 2017 No comments

simple bash script to check for missing security

this is important to make sure your linux is updated
here is the script:

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centos 7 disable useless services

January 4th, 2017 No comments

This some of the tuning I do on a centos 7 install

brctl delbr virbr0
systemctl get-default
systemctl set-default

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Reverse SSH Tunnel

November 14th, 2016 No comments

The idea is to have my IP autostart connect to my Cloud server,
this way I can remote control my Raspberry PI without having to configure DynDNS and firewall rules.
The only requsisite is that PI has internet and run a simple script on startup to estabilish the SSH tunnel

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check hp array disk

September 21st, 2016 No comments

check HP array disks modified script to fix Upgrade situations

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webinject auto create config

September 15th, 2016 No comments

Script to auto create webinject xml config files from a list of URL


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tomcat multiple instances script

May 20th, 2016 No comments

This scripts is easy to use and creates multiple tomcats on a single server.
I still find it amazing and sad that by default and by RedHat support, you can only
install a single Tomcat instance per server! This is crazy.
Imagine a 16 CPU 64GB server with a single instance.

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SSH Automatic Login

September 8th, 2011 No comments

SSH Automatic Login

Well I am tired of entering my password 100 times a day, are you too?
The solution I wrote this script using the powerful expect
download expect

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