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Check FileAge Nagios Plugin

April 2nd, 2009 21 comments

Check_fileage.vbs is plugin for nagios that uses NRPE_NT and works for Microsoft machines.
I tried to make it as flexible as posible, allowing nagios to pass simple but helpfull arguments.
I use it to find out for example what was the last antivirus definition update, I set if its older then 7 days warn if it is older then 10 critical. Although antivirus update is a centralized automated everyday task, many times admins stop worrying about it or just don’t have the time to keep checking. Well again nagios is here to save us!
The purpose is to check how old the file is compare to today (checks by LastModified Date)
‘Example of my use: get Last Time Antivirus MCAfee Enterprise (Version 8.0i) was Updated

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