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Ubuntu Applications List

August 21st, 2008 No comments

My favorite Ubuntu aplications are:

  • Amarok – an amazing media player that leaves winamp, windows media player far far bellow
  • Firefox – simply the best browser out there, Add-ons (foxmarks, download statusbar, dictonary)
  • Thunderbird – best email client, also many add-ons, great integrated antispam.
  • VLC – simple and usefull video player
  • SciTE – SCIntilla based Text Editor. Many script/language editor, supports: Perl, Shell,C#,SQL,Shell etc..
  • Kismet – Wiereless Monitor Tool
  • Nautils(scripts)*- A good way to easly extend functionality of Gnome file explorer Nautilus
  • VMware – Virtual Machine Emulator, I ran an XP in rare cases when I must go to M$
  • Skype – VoIP made easy
  • Pdgin – Ultra Messenger, also many plugins availabe, adds free
  • Firestarter – Firewall GUI for iptables
  • p7zip – Portable 7z file compress manager, handles all compress file types I ever heard about
  • Filezilla – FTP Client free and easy to use
  • compizconfig-settings-manager – Make Ubuntu Cool Graphics, read
    how to
  • baobab – Nice GUI for Disk Usage Analyzer, HD space, by folder, files etc…
  • wlassistant – GUI for managing WLAN connections
  • Pdgin – Internet Messaging, support multiple plataforms and lots of plugins
  • deluge – .Torrent software, good one, but I will always prefer using uTorrent
  • firestarter – GUI for IPtables firewall
  • ufw – Integrated Ubuntu firewall
  • TrueCrypt – Best and easiest crypt/decrypt software multiplataform
  • *Nautilus Scripts:
    download the scripts from here ( ref. )
    Uncompress and copy to
    ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts ( version Nautilus 2.22.3* )
    now just right click a file and check the scripts options, and enjoy it!

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    Video Torrent Streaming

    August 14th, 2008 1 comment

    Well I heard about Torrent streaming, that sounds really really cool. And it is being released by a famous warez group EZTV the player is called swarmplayer. “Instead of having to wait for an entire TV Show to download fully before you can watch it, it is now possible to use BitTorrent to watch a TV Show as it downloads!” I tested it today and it did work. Basic test is to save this file and once the swarmplayer starts it will ask to open a file just point to it. They are still in Test phase. But I recommend to keep checking on it. Check out how to here:

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