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wcat howto

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WCAT howto

It was a little trick but I got it working.The config file I am using is here

EDIT the URL to point to your website.Save it as stress.ubr.

NOTE:I am testing with 3 clients, so the stress will only start once we get 3 clients connected.

Download the Windows II6 ResourceKit from here then Execute:

C:Program FilesIIS ResourcesWCAT Controller>wcctl.exe -a -z stress.ubr -l output.log

Now from the clients do(you can even open 3 from same server):

C:Program FilesIIS ResourcesWCAT Client>wcclient -v -d:16

Wait the 2 minutes and check the log file.

For me the most important was the Avg. Response time witch in my testes were really high.

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