Its a system administrator duty to be sure the ESX servers health and performance are OK.
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Howt to setup
Howt to setup
I believe the most important things to monitor are:
CPU check_cpu_esx (check_vmware does a great job too)
DISK check_disk (default nagios script)
VOLUMES (storage) check_vfs
VMS check_vms (how many Virtual Machines are on the server)
Memory check_vmware (by Steve Shipway, excelent script that gets info from Virtual Center)
Hardware (Fan,Temp,Arrays,Memory Dimms,Disks etc…)
download Complete howto
I have tested all checks with ESX 4, HP or Dell Hardware.
For the hardware checks to work you will need to install
Dell Open Manager or HP Insight Manager

These scripts can be called by using check_by_ssh nrpe, snmp.
More plugins

5 thoughts on “ESX

  1. Hi,
    I saw your website, and I’m interested by your differents plugins. Wich one do you use for the VM? I need to know the performance of the ESX.
    Thank’s for your help.

  2. hi,
    i’m adapting the check_cpu script script for esx 4. it’s not yet finished, i will tell you when it will be done. Maybe a version for esx 4 already exists ..?

  3. @aljean
    addiotitnal info : i adapted the script in order to work from vMA console. the bash on esx4 is poor (no tr command for example)

  4. Hi, this can be work with ESXi? or have some one monitoring script for integrate with nagios en ESXi? thanks for share…
    From Argentina

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