I am a Brazilian Senior System Administrator, with over 20 years of experience.
I have worked from small size company’s to enterprise size Internet Service Providers. I have managed Exchange Clusters of 7 million users and also of 100 users. I have worked in the USA,Spain,Brazil and Italy. The part I really like about my job, is to learn new things each day, to make things works the way they should, to automate tasks. Nowadays I have been focused more on AWS Cloud Computing, Monitoring and on Linux.
I really enjoy working with Amazon AWS, Docker, Graylog,  Splunk,Varnish,Linux,Apache, and Nagios/Centreon monitoring. I have configured over 30 nagios/centreon servers witch I have built and customized. I monitor quite a few servers and services. What I really enjoy about Centreon because its open source, its so flexible and the great community support, I am happy to share my knowledge with the few interested people that visit my site.

Currently I live in Genova, Italy.
Those are my certifications:

  • MCSE – Microsoft Certified Solution Engineer 2003
  • CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Linux LPIC-1 – Linux Server Professional
  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • AWS SysOps

I am available for freelancing/consluting jobs related to system administration, monitoring, scripting etc…

I am currently a official Centreon Consultant
In this site I will be putting my favorites Scripts, HowTo’s.I will try to keep it update.
I am now using GitHub as well:

Curriculum Vitae / Resume EN:
Felipe_Couto_Ferreira Curriculum Vitae English 07/2019

Curriculum Vitae / Resume IT:
Felipe_Couto_Ferreira Curriculum Vitae Italiano 07/2015

Curriculum Vitae / Resume PT:
Felipe_Couto_Ferreira Curriculum Vitae Portuguese 07/2015


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  1. Hi Felipe,
    I’m hoping to use your ‘Mailbox Size’ script to create a report of mailbox sizes for a list of users. Unfortunately I’m having some problems getting the script to run and have a couple of questions:
    1. I’m guessing I need to modify the following line to make it work in my environment, the question is, what actually is this path? Is it the root OU where the users are located?
    2. Regarding the input file, should this contain a list of email addresses of the users I wish to report on, or should it contain a list of UPNs?
    thanks so much for your help with this, I really appreciate it!
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Matt,
    yes you need to edit all these lines:
    Dim strOU : strOU = “OU=EX,OU=SERVIDOR_XXX,OU=COR”
    outputfile = strScriptPath & “MBXGUID_OK.txt”
    inputfile = strScriptPath & “emailst.txt ‘ Mail like username@domain.local
    It is important to have created the folder log!
    To get the correct OU name, use adsiedit.msc it will show exactly the path.
    Let me know if you still having problems, also what error msg u get.

  3. Matt,
    am looking for a script to simply forward the mails of outlook to an external webmail, as and when the mail arrives in microsoft outlook.
    Can you please help me.

  4. I run a small IT company that specialises in Airport Systems. I am on the lookout for a very good Sys Admin on a freelance basis.
    Your tips are helping with an install of Nagios and I noticed the banner at the top of your page shows you have many skills.
    Could you send a brief CV listing your skills and the rates that you charge:
    * per hour
    * per day
    Thanks for your time.

  5. Hi Felipe,
    I was hoping you can help me out. After some long days searching for an answer to my project – I cam across your beautiful script. I would love to use this in my environment and noted the documentation was referring to a “logincheck.exe”. Would you be kind enough to e-mail me the actual file and source so I can use in my environment. Thx and if I can be of any assistance to you – please feel free to send me an e-mail as well… On behalf of all admins – Thank you for all your help and support.

  6. Hello,
    I greatly appreciate the information you’ve provided. As of now though, I’m unable to use it. This will make you laugh, but how do I enter the scripts you mention remotely? I am trying to set up a simple photography site. The host doesn’t provide support, which would be fine except that its under an SSH attack heavily. The server is a VPS Centos 5 with plesk and virtuozzo. I would have to open a terminal, but not sure where to look for one. Thanks.

    1. Haim,
      At the moment I can not share mine, but I would recommend you to download an use FAN FUlly Automated Nagios, witch has about same tools as mine, its a CEntOS with Nagios 3.0.6 Centreon 2.0.2 NaReTo (Reporting tool) Nagvis and Docuwiki, check my post about it here

  7. Hi Felipe
    I am new to WMI thing… just trying following code but no success. Please help me in identifying what is going wrong. My objective is to capture ping results from remote PC.
    In following code, IP address is IP of my friend’s PC, who has added me in admin group of his PC, but still i am getting error. If I replace this IP with mine i.e., things go very well.
    Please suggest how to get admin rights on my friends PC? Thank you for all your help.
    ‘ tests pingability from local machine to strComputer or, if strFrom is provided
    ‘ tests pingability between strFrom and strComputer
    ‘ strFrom, if provided, should be a Windows 2000 or later OS
    ‘ Note this is an example and therefore does not carry any error handling
    Public Function CanPing(strComputer As String, Optional strFrom As String = “.”) As Boolean
    Dim objWMIService As Object
    Dim objPing As Object
    Dim objStatus As Variant
    Set objWMIService = GetObject(“winmgmts:” & “{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!” & strFrom & “rootcimv2”)
    Set objPing = objWMIService.ExecQuery(“Select * From Win32_PingStatus Where Address = ‘” & strComputer & “‘ and StatusCode=0”)
    For Each objStatus In objPing
    CanPing = objStatus.StatusCode = 0
    End Function
    Private Sub cmdPing_Click()
    If CanPing(“”, “”) Then
    MsgBox (“Success”)
    MsgBox (“Failure”)
    End If
    End Sub

    1. its a script that tries to connect to a SSH server and try to brute force its password… its a proof of concept (for study only).
      And the defense for this kind of attack is very simple and I wrote about it here

  8. Felipe,
    Gostaria de uma opniao sua. Seguinte, trabalho em uma consultoria e quero monitorar 1 ou 2 servidores que estao dentro da rede do cliente. Ou seja :
    Escritorio(centreon) –> FW –> INTERNET –> FW_CLIENT –> MaquinaA, MaquinaB
    Opcao 1
    Tenho duas ideias, usar o nrpe com ssl e o no FW_Client, o cliente me joga na maquinaA (5666) e pego outra porta para a MaquinaB (5777).
    Opcao 2
    Ter um centreon Master no escritorio e nos clientes usar um distribuited configuration.
    O que vc sugere ? Alguma outra ideia ?

    1. Thiago, acho que se são somente dois servidores eu faria via internet mesmo.
      Ou com NRPE fazendo o lance das portas como vc dice ou via SNMP mas igualmente teria q fazer um nat.
      Eu ja fiz monitoração distribuida mas qnd são muitos servidores em um CPD remoto.

  9. Seems like that you have placed lots of effort and hard work into your post and I need a lot more of these on the net in recent times. I sincerely got a kick out of your post. I don’t truly have much to speak about in response, I only wished to comment to reply fantastic work.

  10. Felipe, estou com algumas dúvidas em relação ao monitoramento do exchange em cluster. Poderia me passar seu e-mail ou alguma outra forma de contato para que eu possa tirar algumas dúvidas? abraços!

  11. Hola Felipe:
    Me presento, soy Borja Arranz y soy responsable de la monitorización en la empresa Osiatis (Madrid), ¿te suena la empresa? jejeje. Por supuesto que si, Antonio Pinho es la persona que me ha hecho llegar a tu página, y he comprobado que es verdad lo que me ha dicho, tienes una página muy educativa y se nota que sabes mucho sobre monitorización.
    Llevo en Osiatis tan solo desde hace 1 mes y medio, y ya he aprendido mucho, con Centreon no había trabajado nunca. Asi que ahora mismo estoy pegandome con Centreon, NDO y demas.
    Bueno, felicidades por la página y saludos desde Osiatis (Madrid).
    Borja Arranz

  12. Tenho uma ou + duvidas, instalei o FAN e queria monitorar um router/switch, e fiz adicionar host, escrevi o nome(2A_LAB), apelido(RBS) ,ip( e dei o comando check_snmp, quando faço export nagios tenho o seguinte erro (Error Host check command ‘check_snmp$$ $1$’ specified for host ‘2A_LAB’ is not defined anywhere!)
    Tenho de fazer algum modelo?
    Que passos tenho de dar para fazer esta monitorização?

  13. Hiya Felipe!
    im traying to monitor my linux machine with centreon, but i cant do it. I follow several tutorials and nothing. With nagios everything its ok, but when i try to monitor with centreon its imposible. can you help me?
    I think i have some errors, one of them ndo2db (ndo2db is not running but subsystem locked)
    PD. If you speak spanish, better!

  14. Ola Felipe,
    Gostaria de falar com voce a respeito de uma oportunidade para freelance.
    Por favor poderia indicar via e-mail como poderiamos comunicar?
    Obrigado desde ja,

  15. Hey Felipe,
    I’m in some fix. My network has 200 devices.My task: Get all their hostnames and corresponding IPs in a column type of presentation. They already have uniform snmp communities rw + ro so i’m thinking i can do this with a perl script. Any ideas?

    1. Ken, you can try using nmap
      nmap -sS | egrep -iv ‘(shown)|(starting)|(open)|(closed)|(state)|(type)|(fin)’ | awk ‘{sub(/Interesting ports on/,””)}; 1’ | awk ‘{sub(/^[ t]+/, “”)};1’ | awk ‘{sub(/:/,””)}; 1
      Change for you IP range.

  16. Hi Jon,
    I have NSClient++ installed on my Exchange Server and I need to monitor mailbow stores.
    Below is my command line :
    $USER1$/check_nt -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -s $USER4$ -p 12489 -w 1 -c 0 -v COUNTER -d SHOWALL -l “MSExchangeIS Mailbox($ARG1$)Client Logons”,”$ARG1$ Logons: %.f”
    Where $USER4$ is my password in NSClient. But I still have a Critical Status although my $ARG1$ is !First Storage Group-CO Mailbox Store (COSNPREXC3).
    Is there anything else I need to check ? Or do you have another plugins or ways to monitor mailbox stores ?
    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Renato,
      I would try running it localy on the exchange server first, does it work?
      Try also using quotes ” on the arguments, sometimes it helps.
      Also you can enable NSClientt++ deubing on the exchange server side and see what is happening.

  17. Felipe,
    Bom dia! Tudo bem? Por favor meu querido, eu fiz uma instalação do Nagvis, e ela não tá ainda correta. Já tentei várias formas de resultado. Colocando em cima do erro, tais soluções como: Permissão do grupo www-data na pasta que é o erro ocorre. Tudo tá tranquilo, mas por conta desse erro que vou listar abaixo, não consigo concluir o sistema. Sei que devo ainda falar mais coisas sobre meu ambiente instalando que foi no Debian, o Nagios tá rodando tranquilo. Mas ai o problema é apenas o Nagvis.
    Erro: Problem (Backend:live_1): Unable to connect to the /var/log/nagios/rw/live in backend live_1: Connection refused.
    P.S qualquer coisa eu publico como foi a instalação do Nagvis, e se fosse o caso eu coloco meu nagvis na internet para vc pode acessar. Que para achar tutorial foi complicado, na verdade não conseguir algo bom.

  18. Boa Tarde.
    Estou com problemas no meu servidor centreon, desde quando tive que reiniciar o servidor para aumentar a memória ele não esta sincronizando com o Nagios, ficando o status do Poller com o ícone vermelho e mensagem Pollers Central not is running.
    Podes me ajudar nessa questão?

  19. Hi Felipe
    Sorry friend but i dont speak english.
    I need help for configuration the nagios core for services in Windows Server 2008.
    The services is:
    – active directory
    – dhcp
    – dns
    – sql
    – exchange
    – users – AD
    – ICA Server – Metaframe
    – File Server
    – IIS
    – CRM – Totvs
    – Monitoring MCaffe
    Friend, i wait you can help me.
    Joel Fernandes

  20. Hi Felipe,
    I created an account, logged in…but how to download the
    exchange TOP_Mbox script?
    Thanks in advance.
    Greetings from Brussel.

  21. Hi Felipe,
    I assume that you are familiar with StatPress Reloaded. Please let me bother you with a question.
    Is it possible to set up a system which gets the StatPress Reloaded data from a number of WordPress blogs. In this way I don’t have to log into every WordPress blog to check the visitor data but instead would get a quick overview on all blogs and their visitor numbers.
    Many thanks,

    1. Josef I dont think it would work… But I don’t know much about that plugin. I dont even use it anymore, since
      i had major problems with performance and complains from my host.

  22. Ola Felipe Ferreira
    tudo bem
    Pergunta…vi um artigo seu sobre o fato de monitora via NAGIOS alguns pontos do Event View no ambiente Windows
    Pelo seu doc no site “” vc comenta em poder executar essa monitoração ….
    Pergunta…vc utiliza o check_nt com a opção -v RUNSCRIPT…poderia me dizer em qual versão check_nt eu tenho essa possibilidade ?
    Eu estou no pacote da versão heck_nt v1991 (nagios-plugins 1.4.13)

    1. Mauricio sim uso o check_nt. Qlqr versção deveria funcionar. chama o script assim
      ./check_nt -H SERVIDOR112 -t 50 -v RUNSCRIPT -l “cscript.exe //nologo C:PROGRA~1NC_Netscriptcheck_events.vbs -t System -e 4097 -s DrWatson”
      qlqr duvida me avise.

  23. Hi Filipe-
    We’re looking for someone to write some articles on Remote Linux
    administration. Let me know if you’d be interested.
    Thanks, Bob

  24. Hi Felipe,
    I live in London and I am starting up a company with some friends.
    One of the solutions we’re going to offer is based on Nagios-Centreon.
    We’ve put together a proof of concept / demo, but now need someone with expertise that can turn around things quickly while we focus on other stuff.
    Are you available for some free-lance / contract work?
    Probably you’d be able to help us is your spare time and make some money.
    Please let me know, if you could email me that would be great.

  25. Olá,
    Como faça para que os ícones de estados do mapa do nagvis altere de cor quando o threshold do ping for alcançado? Sempre que há problemas como a quantidade de pacotes excede o limite estabelecido, o ícone fica vermelho. Gostaria que ficasse laranja e vermelho quando perdesse totalmente a conexão!

  26. Olá Felipe! Gostaria de tirar uma dúvida com você sobre alta disponibilidade do Nagios.
    Atualmente tenho no meu ambiente um único servidor com o Nagios/Centreon, utilizando uma base dados MySQL em um outro servidor, que monitora cerca de 250 hosts e 3800 serviços. Apesar de ambos os servidores serem máquinas virtuais VMware, e já contarem com a alta disponibilidade fornecida pelo HA da VMware, estava pensando em adicionar mais um nível de disponibilidade, já que da forma que está hoje em dia, um crash na base de dados ou um kernel panic no servidor no Nagios/Centreon me deixaria sem monitoração. Andei pesquisando algumas soluções e queria saber quais você recomendaria e se já implementou:
    – A primeira opção seria clonar as duas máquinas existentes hoje em dia, dessa forma eu teria o mesmo ambiente duas vezes. Só que neste caso haveria uma carga a mais nos servidores que são monitorados, além da banda de rede. Na minha opinião apesar de ser a maneira mais fácil não é a mais recomendada.
    – Uma outra seria o projeto Merlin ( Minha dúvida é na integração deste com o Centreon.
    – E por último é um caso apresentado neste documento (
    Obrigado pela atenção.
    Tiago Martinez

  27. Felipe,
    Parabéns cara, belo blog!! ha tempos queria usar o check_mk no centreon e vejo o caminho aqui no seu blog, vou testar! um abraço! vc tem skype ou e-mail?

  28. Fala, Felipe! Beleza?
    Li um post seu em e percebi que você manja bastante de Nagios e Centreon. Talvez possa me tirar uma dúvida.
    Meu caro, estamos implementando um ambiente onde cerca de 14.000 serviços serão monitorados, o que o Nagios tira de letra. Mas quando tentamos implementar no Centreon ele trava com pouco menos de 300 hosts e pouco menos de 4.000 serviços.
    Ele inicia a exportação e trava na interface web, mas entrando na console e checando o uso dos recursos da máquina está tudo livre… Processador… Memória… I/O de disco… Swap…
    E o mais esquisito: nada acontece nos logs, seja do Nagios, seja do Centreon, seja no /var/log/messages (centreon em debug level).
    O sintoma acontece com diversas configurações e capacity de VMs e chegamos até mesmo a colocar uma máquina física, com o mesmo resultado.
    Por onde você seguiria com o troubleshoot?
    Um grande abraço e parabéns pelo sucesso do blog!

  29. @Gustavo Almeida
    Respondendo minha própria pergunta:
    Settings -> Centreon -> “Run monitoring engine debug (-v)” [desmarcar]
    Milagrosamente funcionou! Não travou mais!!!

  30. Hello Felipe,
    we have used your Check AD tools since quite some time and we get a constant problem when we run it. Sometime the vbs script, or cscript comes back with an errorlevel like this.
    As this is no 0,1,2 or 3 Nagios reports this as “unknown”. Do you have any Idea what we can do to prevent the script exiting with anything different then accepted numbers?
    OK – Connectivity: OK. Replications: OK. NetLogons: OK. Advertising: OK. KnowsOfRoleHolders: OK. RidManager: OK. MachineAccount: OK. Services: OK. ObjectsReplicated: OK. frssysvol: OK. VerifyReferences: OK. CrossRefValidation: OK. CheckSDRefDom: OK. CrossRefValidation: OK. Intersite: OK. Fsmocheck: OK.

    1. Hi Stephen. I wrote this quite a while ago. If I remeber right, it was for AD in win 2003, what version are you running? Have u tried running it from the cmd line? make note how long it takes.
      Sometimes restarting the NC_NET resolves this issue.
      can u add the link to the script?

  31. Hi Felipe
    We are trying to use your group_check to check the number of users in a group but the plugin download link isn’t working. Is there another way for us to obtain the plugin?

  32. Boas,
    Podes me dar umas dicos como activo o nagios poller no centreon…

  33. Estou com um problema no centreon 2.7.6, quando tento realizar um export no poller central ocorre o erro abaixo, alguém tem ideia de como resolver ?
    Preparing environment… OK
    Generating files… NOK (Exception received : Exception received : SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction [file: /usr/share/centreon/www/class/config-generate/generate.class.php] [line: 117] )

  34. Hi.
    I followed all the steps to monitor with nagios servers with VMware check_esx and it works all right with the root user but I have created a user (nagios) and gives me this error ..
    CHECK_ESX UNKNOWN – Error: Permission to perform this operation was denied
    can you please help me ??
    Thank you

  35. Hi Felipe,
    THANKS a lot for all your useful, public and free contributions.
    Not sure if you can help me… I´m using Centreon.
    ¿Do you know a way to get the number of alerts during, for example, a month?
    In the event log I can see the “checks”, but if an alert has been active during 5 days and the check runs every 5 minutes… I get hundreds of lines for a single alert.
    I´m thinking on exporting the log to CSV and create an Excel macro to do the filter and the counter, but maybe you already know a way to obtain only the lines after a status change (script, plugin…)
    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Tomas,
      I am glad you found something usefull in here.
      Well I would not do it by exporting to csv and counting at least not from the web with macros.
      I have written reports scripts before based on nagios and it worked very well. For centreon unfortunally the API is not that flexible…
      I would do it in bash via log files

      Here you can find all alerts, maybe filter for HARD and CRITICAL like
      grep CRIT /var/log/centreon-engine/centengine.log |grep -c HARD
      in the archive you have one file for each day with naming convention like:
      note the date field is in epoch use this to convert it
      date -d @1584583684

    I will try that way.
    I wish you and your people the best!! People like you make a better world.
    Thanks again!!

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