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amazon aws consulenza

March 1st, 2017 No comments

Amazon aws consulenza freelance progetti in Italia.

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script to check aws status

September 23rd, 2015 1 comment

This is a bash script made to work with nagios and to automaticly check Amazon AWS status
based on the RSS from
I did find something similar in Ruby
I tried to keep it simple as possible…

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Setup AWS S3 Policy

August 26th, 2015 No comments

S3 is a great place to keep logs data or even backups.
Monthly Basic cost:
S3 U$ 0.02 p/ GB (with Reduce Redundancy).
Glacier only U$ 0.01 p/ GB

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aws backup script

August 11th, 2015 3 comments

This is a robust script that backups all instances that have a TAG, Backup=TRUE
it generates a AMI images, and snapshots of each Volume, also a nice e-mail with a HTML table nice format.

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AWS Lambda

August 10th, 2015 No comments

Today I tested the amazing Lambda and I was able to automaticly process images, generating thumbnails by just copying an image into a S3 bucket.

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AWS Cloud Watch bash script

August 3rd, 2015 No comments

This script was written by me a while back (still has an old version of the CLI)
I found a minor bug, when using non integer values (decimal values) causes a problem,
bash does not handle it very well.
Anyone who feels like updating and fixing please do so.

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect

October 27th, 2014 2 comments

Solutions Architect-Associate

I passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam, I got certified !

I did have over 1 year expierence before taking the exam.
There were lots of questions about EBS,AutoScale,ElasticIP,VPC,etc…

I remember little about specific questions, I only had one major doubt on one.
It was about placement groups

I recommend reading the white papers!

I did almost all of the Tests, the questions are not like the real ones but the knowledge will help!

S3 does not provide read-after-write consistency, recommend to use random key(file name) for better performance.
S3 can encrypt data using Server Side Encryption
S3 bucket name can contain alpha numberic chars
x-amz-meta to set metada when uploading to S3 via Rest API
S3 supports ACL and bucket policy
Multipart upload larger then 5GB max 5TB max number of objects parts is 10000 and min size 5mb
S3 upload via console can specify standard or RRS storage class
S3 bucket name is min 3 chars and max 63, can be separated by single dot
S3 provides protection of data at REST Permission (Policy) Encryption (Client and Server Side) Bucket Versioning and MFA based delete.
S3 To find out when an object will expire, use GET or HEAD API command
S3 lifecycle rule cannot be applied on a version enable bucket (as if 10/2017 it is possible to enable lifecycle even with versioning)
S3 Amazon Import/Export is ideal for upload large data to S3

ARN Amazon Resource Names, uniquely identify resources
EC2 can be used jointly with S3
Glacier data is stored in vaults

RDS supports: MySQL,Oracle,MSSQL,Postgre SQL,Auror
RedShift uses port 5439 by default
AWS FPS Flexibale Payment Service can help on ecomerce (shop cart)
Easy DKIM is a feature of AWS SES to sign every message sent with a 1024 bit DKIM key
RedShift is a DataWarehouse that integrates with BI tools for U$1000/TB/year, SSL + VPC
AWS Route 53 LBR Latency Based Routing automatic route requests to closest instance/region
Multi-Site solution allows standby DR
Route 53 support domain name registration
Route 53 name of each resource record set in a hosted zone must end with the name of the hosted zone(sub-domains)
Route 53 account is limited to a max 500 hosted zones and 10,000 record per hosted zone, can ask for more.
Route 53  currently offer a private DNS service ( )
EC2 uses the ec2config service to set new randmin admin password, and ecrypts using ec2 key pair public key.
The user can get Windows instance password by using console or cli.
DKIM-DomainKeys Identified Mail allows sender to sign ther email messages and ISPs to verify if message is legitimate
Glacier does not provide version management.
RAID-0 is best performance
RAID-1 fault tolerance
RAID-5,6 not recommended
AWS SWF – SimpleWorkFlow
RDS, can only acess to binary logs if using MySQL 5.6+
DynamoDB – if query result is to large, can use ExclusiveStartKey to get the rest of the result
VPC higest number for a rule in Network ACL is 32766
VPC Network ACLs are stateless; responses to allowed inbound traffic are subject to the rules for outbound traffic (and vice versa).
AWS SES – Simple Email Service outbound email only
RDS allows up to 5 Read Replicas, it allows Read Replicas from second-tier
Amazon topic can be created to a SNS witch generates a ARN
VPN gateways use Dead Peer Detection
ElasticCache is a in-memory caching service, it uses memcached and redis
EBS pay what you: provisioned storage, I/O requests, and snapshot storage.
EBS standard volumes are charged per GB-month of provisioned storage and per million I/O requests.
EBS Provisioned IOPS volumes are charged per GB-month of provisioned storage and per Provisioned IOPS-month.
EBS snapshots are charged per GB-month of storage actually used (consumed)
EBS volumes, you are charged for provisioned (allocated) storage, whether or not you actually use it
Storage Types: Temporary storage— best use: local instance volumes, SQS, ElastiCache ( Memcached or Redis)
Highly-durable storage: S3 11 9’s per year duability per object or Glacier. EBS only 99.5%-99.9%
Static Data or web content – S3
Relational DB – EBS
Shared Storage – S3 or EBS
Snapshots – EBS

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check aws elb hosts

September 2nd, 2013 1 comment

This scripts counts how many active instances are inService of a AWS ElasticLoadBalancer (ELB).

The code is based on a simple API call via bash

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How to setup aws cmd line tools

May 31st, 2013 No comments

To be able to execute the many API command line tools you will need to setup and configure the authentication correctly.
This will help you to do just that.

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auto scale script

May 14th, 2013 No comments

This can help if you are creating any kind of auto scale on Amazon AWS.
It is not a 100% automatic, as you will need to prior to running this have:

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