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monitor esx with nagios

May 6th, 2010 2 comments

Its a system administrator duty to be sure the ESX servers health and performance are OK.
I monitor:

ESX Monitoring

ESX Monitoring

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Exchange mailbox login plugin

July 13th, 2009 No comments

This plugins uses a script called check_counter_rawcount.vbs developed by Dr. Dave Blunt at GroundWork Open Source Inc.
I used it to grab WMI performance counter information but the script itself allows many more “performance counters” to be used.
The script is included in NRPE_NT Plugins V2, it can also be download here.
The way I defiened in nrpe.cfg is:

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February 5th, 2009 1 comment

I just heard about this yet anothe tool that works with nagios its called opsview.

Opsview is the award winning Open Source application and infrastructure
monitoring software from Opsera. It provides comprehensive system
management capabilities used to monitor the health of today’s most
complex data centres.
Opsview provides a central, web-based console from which you can
monitor, diagnose and manage all your enterprise IT resources.
Opsview significantly extends the capabilities of Nagios and Nagios
plug-ins and many other open source components into one single,
coherent system

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ESX monitoring

February 4th, 2009 3 comments

So I got a hard mission, monitor a VMWare ESX 3 Server. I thought it would be easy but I was wrong.
Of course I did with Nagios/Centreon, at first I tried SNMP without much success. So I found out that a smart guy somewhere had gone thru the pain of delevoping some quite amazing script that would do just what I needed.
This guy is Steve Shipway and his site/forum has much information
I will focus in monitoring the Server ESX, not its VM hosts.
Well here are the stpes I did in order to have it “almost” working they way I wanted:

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Currency rate monitor script

December 10th, 2008 1 comment

Using Nagios I am able to monitor the currency conversion rate, so I can know exactly when to sell my currency and to buy my currency. I wrote a creative plugin to nagios that does just that!
Its not my best bash code, I should really rewrite in perl. But the idea is here, and it works.
Anyone wants to build a nagios just to monitor and graph currency exchange rates? I am up for it.
Usage: [–minwarn value] [–maxwarn value] [–mincrit value] [–maxcrit value] [-v|–verbose]
# bash 2.65 2.95 2.55 3.15
MONEYX OK: Value of EURO is – 3.1623
The current conversion is from Euro x Real, inside the script there is a parameter to change it.

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November 14th, 2008 5 comments




Problem with Nagios check_by_ssh plugin is that it requires also the nagios-plugins to be installed on the client server. At least part of the nagios-plugins, because in the end all we need is to perform the local checks using ssh remote cmds.
So I put in a file nagiosclient.tar with the check scripts including some perl.The focus hereis to check Disk,Memory,Cpu of Linux remote servers. Without using SNMP, NRPE just plain SSH. I think its a great solution mainly because NRPE is a pain to install in Linux, in Windows its quite easy and I always try to use it combined with SNMP. SNMP is nice but its limited in what it can monitor, and sometimes it can get really messy. So lets start configuring SSH.

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Network Monitor Tools List

July 16th, 2008 6 comments

Network Monitoring Tools:

Well I have real world experience as an administrator using many network monitoring tools, the main
ones I have used are: Nagios with Oreon interface and many custom plugins, MOM (Microsoft Operations Manger 2005), CA-NSM r3.1,r11.1(Computer Associates, Network System Monitor), HP-OVO.

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