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apache tuneup

November 16th, 2015 1 comment

Apache Tune Up

I was able to do about 4K concurrent connections with this setup.

Using Centos 6.7 64bit Apache httpd-2.2.15-47.el6.centos.x86_64
a Virtual Machine 4x CPU’s and 4GBs of memory, I have 2 disks, one for /var and other for the rest.

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How to fix mod_ssl CRIME attack

April 16th, 2013 No comments

More detailed information on what and how the attack works is here

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How to connect to a NFS server share

October 2nd, 2012 No comments

The RedHat linux client that will connect to a NFS server.
Needs to have portmap and if you dont want dynamic ports, enter static ports into /etc/sysconfig/nfs, for example:

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memcached 1.4.13 rpm

June 6th, 2012 No comments

I have compiled the rpm for CentOS/RedHat 5.x 32bits and 64bits

The steps are to create a rpm package from source.
If you need to just install, download it

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yum cdrom repo

January 27th, 2012 No comments

How to use the cdrom RedHat .iso

I tested using Vmware ESX and RedHat 5.7

1 . Mount or insert the RedHat CD

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reset redhat 5 password

December 29th, 2011 No comments

reset redhat 5 password +boot

When you lost your root password in a RedHat Linux Based systems you should first have access to the console, (the machine itself).
Power on, or reboot as needed.

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Install Nagios on CentOS

September 2nd, 2011 5 comments

Nagios 3 Quick Install on CentOS

This is short/fast HowTo Install Nagios 3 on CentOS/RedHat 5 64bits

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How to setup Cluster on Glassfish v3

August 30th, 2011 No comments

How to setup Cluster on Glassfish v3

This how to imposes that you already have glassfish v3 setup and:
– running under the user “fish”
– have ssh key trust between both servers (howto setup that)
To setup glassfish it is as simple as downloading .zip file and unzip into a folder, the importat
steps is to setup the path variables etc…
I did this setup on CentOS 6 / RedHat 6 (64x)
Set remote admin (on the DAS)
# asadmin enable-secure-admin
# service glassfish restart

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Varnish security.vcl

July 21st, 2011 3 comments

How to setup Security.vcl on Varnish 3.0

Download it
# cd vcl/
# make
# cp -a vcl/ /etc/varnish/security.vcl/
(alternatively you could symlink it, of course).
Now all it has to be done is edit your normal VCL and
add this line near the top:
include “/etc/varnish/security.vcl/main.vcl”;

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How to install varnish

July 20th, 2011 No comments

How to install varnish

This is a step-by-step on howto setup and run varnish web cache.
This was done for Linux RedHat 6 64bits, same works for CentOS 5.5 64bits with varnish 3.0

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