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Skype client linux +sms

skype client linux +sms

For some reason the default Skype for Linux is missing many many functions.
Can not even send a simple SMS, like with the windows version.
Well there is open API and people have worked it quite well.
To be able to send SMS from Linux:
First we need to install
# apt-get install python-ctypes  python-dbus
# wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/skype4py/Skype4Py-
# tar -zxvf Skype4Py-
# cd Skype4Py-
# python setup.py install

To send SMS there is quite well done script made by Vincent Oberle.
You will need to be login into Skype account and have credit in it.
# ./send_sms.py -d  +XXXXXXX “TESTING SMS VIA CMD LINE”

Download SkypePY
Download Script for Skype by Vincent
Download Skype for Linux

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