Spotify good or bad?
Well I just download and installed it under Ubuntu 8.10 using Wine and it works like a charm.
Spotify I see it as a Pandora mixed in with Last.FM, or a new age Napster.
Here is how:
Install Wine(windows emulator)
#  apt-get install wine
Configure, check audio
# winecfg
In the DirectSound frame at the bottom enter the following for best sound.
Hardware Acceleration: Emulation
Default Sample Rate: 44100
Default Bits Per Sample: 16
Driver Emulation: unchecked

Install and Run
# wine “Spotify Installer.exe”
Start it
# wine “C:Program FilesSpotifyspotify.exe”
Although there is still no Linux native version, people are requesting it help out by also requesting it here

Good things about it:

  • Impressive speed, no need to wait to download.
  • Can find and listen entire albums, create and save your own playlists.
  • Nice GUI interface, easy and simple to use. Does have a Advertiment on the left side.
  • Free Music, any music

I find few bad things about it:

  • You can only listen stream, the files download to your PC are not readable, no .mp3 are in the cache directory!The work around is to use something like audacity to record a loopback of your audio, but In my opinion is to much work beacuase you would have to stop in each song,save it,name it, plus the lost of quality.
  • Advertisment, yes they do have AUDIO advertisement between songs. It can be anoying.
  • spotify protocol got Hacked and all passwords got stolen  check it out  here

Share and Find playlists here and hereFree Inviations and more information here
FAQ about installation here

2 thoughts on “Spotify under Ubuntu

  1. The spotify protocol did indeed get hacked, but the event was wrongly reported.
    40 password hashes were revealed to a group of researchers through a protocol issue, and the possibility of getting existed.
    Very little of spotify was exposed to this at all, and the researchers ddicated no computational time to the passwords; none were ever revealed to them.
    Spotify made the announcement purely to cover the security flaw, as a sort of disclaimer.

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