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Exchange mailbox login plugin

This plugins uses a script called check_counter_rawcount.vbs developed by Dr. Dave Blunt at GroundWork Open Source Inc.
I used it to grab WMI performance counter information but the script itself allows many more “performance counters” to be used.
The script is included in NRPE_NT Plugins V2, it can also be download here.
The way I defiened in nrpe.cfg is:

command[get_exchange_mbox_logons]=cscript.exe //nologo //T:60 c:nrpe_ntpluginsv2check_counter_rawcount.vbs -h “” -class “Win32_PerfRawData_MSExchangeIS_MSExchangeISMailbox” -inst “Name=_Total” -prop “ActiveClientLogons” -w “$ARG1$” -c “$ARG2$”


Thanks again to Dr. Dave and his great script.
More info on how to monitoring exchage 2003 servers using nagios

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