There are quite a few nice nagios nrpe_nt plugins (vbs scripts) released by GroundWork, since 2006 they have
been working and improving these set of plugins.
Those scripts are very well written and they can be enhanced for your own platform.
I list here the functionality:

Plugin Description
check_100nsec_timer.vbs checks WMI counters of type ‘PERF_100NSEC_TIMER’
check_counter_bulk_count.vbs checks WMI counters of type ‘PERF_COUNTER_BULK_COUNT’
check_counter_counter.vbs checks WMI counters of type ‘PERF_COUNTER_COUNTER’
check_counter_large_rawcount.vbs checks WMI counters of type ‘PERF_COUNTER_LARGE_RAWCOUNT’
check_counter_rawcount.vbs checks WMI counters of type ‘PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT’
check_cpu_load_percentage.vbs checks load percentage of one or more CPUs
check_disks_io.vbs checks disk I/O of one or more logical disks
check_disks_percentage_space_used.vbs checks disk usage of one or more logical disks
check_memory_percentage_space_used.vbs checks RAM, page file, or total memory usage
check_network_io.vbs checks network I/O of one or more TCP/IP network interfaces
check_raw_fraction.vbs checks WMI counters of type ‘PERF_RAW_FRACTION’
check_proc_num.vbs checks number of running processes matching a search expression
verify_wmi_status.vbs checks OS version to verify WMI is working
check_services_states.vbs checks the state of an installed service
get_computer_info.vbs enumerates information about processors, installed services, running
processes, network interfaces, and logical disks for use in configuring
other plugins
get_counter_type.vbs enumerates information about WMI classes and properties to determine
which counter plugin to use

More details are available here.
All plugins can be download here.

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