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May 21st, 2009 2 comments

Its out the new version of Centreon 2.0.2

The Detailed changelog is:
# Bugfix #408: Contact massive change : New options for radio button
When we make a massive change on contact, a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ field is required, and it is not good if the change does not impact:
-Reach Centreon frontend
-Admin user
Please add a “null” choice for massive change, like ‘incremental/update’.
# Bugfix #398 Fixes to
# Bugfix #417 centcore.init.d
The way centreon starts has been improved, more info
Bugfix #436
Fixes on /www/include/monitoring/status/Common/common-Func.php
Bugfix #586
No detail found
# Reporting : CSV export now takes correct timeperiod parameters
# Reporting : fixes bug that occured when hosts/services were renamed
# ACL : ServiceGroups are no longer restrictions, they grant access to resources instead
# Enhanced generation of configuration files
# New Centreon logo
# CSS menu is fixed (delimiters are back)

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