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windows shortcut commands

April 2nd, 2009 3 comments

Some very helpfull shortcut commands for Microsoft Windows XP,2003

Windows Environment Commands
%ALLUSERSPROFILE% -Open the All User’s Profile
%HomeDrive% -Opens your home drive e.g. C:
%UserProfile% -Opens you User’s Profile
%temp% Opens -temporary file Folder
%systemroot% -Opens Windows folder

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Linux mini manual

June 5th, 2008 No comments

Linux Debian/Ubuntu Commands
Last Updated April 2009

My Mini Manual
Unique names, remove duplicate names:
# cat words.txt | sort | uniq > dictionary.txt
remove any words not X size, or from X to Y:
# cat dictionary.txt | pw-inspector -m 6 -c 2 -n > passlist.txt

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