Deploy Weblogic bash script

To deploy a simple ear I did: ${JAVA_BIN} -cp ${WL_JAR} weblogic.Deployer -adminurl t3://${HOST_NAME}:${HOST_PORT} -user ${HOST_USER} -password ${HOST_PASS} -targets ${SERVER} -deploy -upload ${TMP_DIR}${DEPLOYEAR} -name ${APPNAME} But on the second script I had to do a stop(kill) of the server, cleanup the […]

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windows shortcut commands

Some very helpfull shortcut commands for Microsoft Windows XP,2003 Windows Environment Commands %ALLUSERSPROFILE% -Open the All User’s Profile %HomeDrive% -Opens your home drive e.g. C: %UserProfile% -Opens you User’s Profile %temp% Opens -temporary file Folder %systemroot% -Opens Windows folder Tip: […]

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Nagios/Centreon TroubleShooting

Troubleshooting Nagios/Centreon : I. If Centreon monitor does not update itself (you see nagios different then centreon). Could be a permission problem related to status.log, Read the user nagios emails for problems regarding cron jobs and permissions Check the logs […]

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