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Thursday, 14 June 2007
Today I was able to import all passwords form firefox to keepass. It was not a easy task but I got it done!
The objective is to have all pass sync between my PCs, using iFolder from Novell I can have my db of pass securley remotely connected by my 2 notebooks.
Well as usual I created a batch file. But I would like to show the steps off the task.
The reference from post was helpfull but the steps miss few things or dont going into deep details. To start download keepass and hope you already use firefox…
:: * Java 1.5 (J2SE)
:: * Groovy (
:: * Password export/import extension to Firefox (
::Transferring the Passwords
::To import Firefox passwords into KeePass:
:: 1. Export passwords from Firefox into XML using the password import/export extension.
:: 2. Run the script ConvertFirefoxPasswords.groovy on the resulting XML file.
:: 3. Import the converted file into KeePass using File -> Import From -> Import KeePass XML.
The batch file:

SET JAVA_HOME=C:ProgrammiJavajre1.6.0_01 set GROOVY_HOME=C:DATAdownload_Firefoxgroovy-1.0groovy-1.0 C:groovy-1.0binGROOVY ConvertFirefoxPasswords.groovy fire_pass.xml OUT.XML

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