How to manualy update SMS 2003 Software Updates list of patches:
Well SMS sometimes does not update (as it should) the list of the most current avaible patches in Microsoft site.
So here is a way around on how to manualy or also by a script, how to update:
The tasks we must acomplish are:

    1. Download the WSUSSCN2.CAB file from
    2. Copy this file BBBo the PackageSrc folder on the Site Server owning the Microsoft Update Tool package.
    3. Within the SMS Console, update the distribution poBBBs for the Microsoft Update Tool package

Run the command at the command prompt and press ENTER:
Syncxml.exe /s /unattend /site SiteServer /code SiteCode /package PackageID /target PackageSourceFolder
Where SiteServer is the name of the Site Server, SiteCode is the Site Code of the Site Server which owns the Windows
Update Tool package,
PackageID is the SMS-defined numeric ID for your Update Tool package
PackageSourceFolder is the path to the Update Tool source files. (By default this path is C:Program FilesMicrosoft Updates Inventory ToolPkgSource and it is shared as PackageSrc so the path would be [SiteServerName]PackageSrc)
Execute the following batch file or schedulle it to run every week:

cd "C:Program FilesMicrosoft Updates Inventory ToolPkgSource"
syncxml.exe /s /unattend /site BBBBRVL14 /code BBB /package BBB000D4 /target BBBBRVL14packageSrc
::@echo Archivo de Log aqui: C:SMS_CCMLogsWUSSyncXML.log
::@echo WSUSSCN2.CAB aqui: BBBBRVL14packageSrc
ScanWrapper.exe /Extended /cache

To confirm everything went ok, open SMS (System Manager Server MMC plugin) and go to Software Updates, check if
the latest updates are present if not go to “Packages>Microsoft Updates Tool”>Update Distribution Points
then confirm all is OK at, System Status>Package Status>Microsoft Updates Tool, here look for Nessage ID: 10023
Description: “Content download for the package “BBB000D4” – “24” has started.”
And MessageId:10024
Description “Content download for the package “BBB000D4” – “24” has completed successfully.”
Also look BBBo the C:SMS_CCMLogsWUSSyncXML.log check for any fails or errors usually it
should look like these:
Initialized log file – SyncXML started at 7/15/2008 3:42:21 PM
Sync task started with command-line = /s /unattend /site BBBBRVL14 /code BBB /package BBB000D4 /target BBBBRVL14packageSrc
User Account: administrador
User Profile: C:Documents and Settingsadministrador
Command line specified folder to update as BBBBRVL14packageSrc.
Command line specified package to update on DPs as BBB000D4
Command line specified site code: BBB.
Command line specified site server: BBBBRVL14.
Command line enable UNATTEND
Download completed – BBBBRVL14F$
Download completed successfully.
Trying to calculate hash on $$ Trying to calculate hash on $$ and were found to be same. $$ Checking if patch preapprovals are supported by site BBBBRVL14
Patch preapprovals are supported by site BBBBRVL14, proceeding with catalog updates
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:22): Processing security catalog …
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:22): Connected to BBBBRVL14rootsms
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:22): Connected to BBBBRVL14rootsmssite_BBB
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:22): SMS_ApplcableUpdatesSummaryEx class does not support ScanPackageID property, link records will be inserted separately
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:22): Loading updates cache from database
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:23): Loaded cache with 3943 updates from database
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:23): Initializing catalog for synchronization.
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:26): Synchronizing updates from the catalog to the database.
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:27): Inserted update: UpdateID=8908 UniqueUpdateID=”af84cbf3-bbb2-496c-8a41-c74ce8fae587″ Title=”Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (KB948109)”, Product=”SQL Server 2005″, Locale=0
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:28): Inserted update: UpdateID=8909 UniqueUpdateID=”15aa244c-1c7c-4923-ad88-4076b350bf78″ Title=”Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (KB948109)”, Product=”SQL Server 2005″, Locale=0
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:28): Inserted update: UpdateID=8910 UniqueUpdateID=”ff0296bc-a1c8-4666-9eb4-d4b32042fc6b” Title=”Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (KB948109)”, Product=”SQL Server 2005″, Locale=0
UpdateWUSCatalog(15:42:29): Inserted update: UpdateID=8911 UniqueUpdateID=”95346901-8717-0001-0032-986387507601″ Title=”Update Rollup 7 for Exchange Server 2007 (KB953469)”, Product=”Exchange Server 2007″, Locale=9


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