Well I heard about Torrent streaming, that sounds really really cool. And it is being released by a famous warez group EZTV the player is called swarmplayer. “Instead of having to wait for an entire TV Show to download fully before you can watch it, it is now possible to use BitTorrent to watch a TV Show as it downloads!” I tested it today and it did work. Basic test is to save this file and once the swarmplayer starts it will ask to open a file just point to it. They are still in Test phase. But I recommend to keep checking on it. Check out how to here: http://eztv.it/tstream/tstreamhowto.html
Another simillar product is Tribler defined as “Tribler is an application that enables its users to find, enjoy and share content. With content we mean video, audio, pictures, and much more. Tribler has three goals in helping you, the user” And it is developed by the Delft University of Technology and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Fundamental research to network technology.
I see it as almost a mix between a P2P,torrent and a player. You can add friends, search and play in youtube. It is really a cool software, I can download torrent but could not play as it downloads like swarmplayer supposly does.
I also tested it on my Ubuntu 8.04 and it ran wihout any problems, check it out http://www.tribler.org/Download available for Windows,Mac,Linux.
Well if the problem is streaming thru Firefox, I noticed on Ubuntu many times I could not see the videos online, well the solution is here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxStreamingVideo I ran into few problems following these instructions (its outdated) so follow the steps:

# apt-get install libstdc++5
# apt-get install -f
# apt-get install gXine
# wget -c http://www.debian-multimedia.org/pool/main/w/w32codecs/w32codecs_20071007-0.1_i386.deb
# dpkg -i w32codecs_20071007-0.1_i386.deb

gXine is quite Impresive Video Player!
For moves I still enjoy using the famous and multiplataform VLC

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