My favorite Ubuntu aplications are:

  • Amarok – an amazing media player that leaves winamp, windows media player far far bellow
  • Firefox – simply the best browser out there, Add-ons (foxmarks, download statusbar, dictonary)
  • Thunderbird – best email client, also many add-ons, great integrated antispam.
  • VLC – simple and usefull video player
  • SciTE – SCIntilla based Text Editor. Many script/language editor, supports: Perl, Shell,C#,SQL,Shell etc..
  • Kismet – Wiereless Monitor Tool
  • Nautils(scripts)*- A good way to easly extend functionality of Gnome file explorer Nautilus
  • VMware – Virtual Machine Emulator, I ran an XP in rare cases when I must go to M$
  • Skype – VoIP made easy
  • Pdgin – Ultra Messenger, also many plugins availabe, adds free
  • Firestarter – Firewall GUI for iptables
  • p7zip – Portable 7z file compress manager, handles all compress file types I ever heard about
  • Filezilla – FTP Client free and easy to use
  • compizconfig-settings-manager – Make Ubuntu Cool Graphics, read
    how to
  • baobab – Nice GUI for Disk Usage Analyzer, HD space, by folder, files etc…
  • wlassistant – GUI for managing WLAN connections
  • Pdgin – Internet Messaging, support multiple plataforms and lots of plugins
  • deluge – .Torrent software, good one, but I will always prefer using uTorrent
  • firestarter – GUI for IPtables firewall
  • ufw – Integrated Ubuntu firewall
  • TrueCrypt – Best and easiest crypt/decrypt software multiplataform
  • *Nautilus Scripts:
    download the scripts from here ( ref. )
    Uncompress and copy to
    ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts ( version Nautilus 2.22.3* )
    now just right click a file and check the scripts options, and enjoy it!

    *Prior to Nautilus release 1.0.5, the scripts directory was ~/Nautilus/scripts. Since 1.0.5, it is ~.gnome/nautilus-scripts, although there was some confusion about the scripts directory being in ~/.nautilus/scripts

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