I believe Google is an amazing company, whatever they make, they make it better. They have been growing strong since its search engine first came out. At first It was small next to yahoo, back in the days.Now its bigger and better then yahoo. It is now small next to Microsoft, but I am pretty sure it will not last long, where Microsoft fails Google does not, releasing something that works. QA, I believe MS has low QA, and Google has a better one. As Google keep making it better products. I believe they will sometime in the future release a OS that will brake Microsoft. Just because Vista is a lame OS, with a terrible performance, not so user friendly, and full of security wholes. These are the points Linux is better, like Ubuntu, Debian etc…
Although I have not tested the Chrome browser yet,where do I download it from?.
I think it will be big battle between Firefox and Chrome, I personally have been using Firefox for over 2 years, and it suits all my needs. With so many cool add-ons and such a huge community support, it will be difficulty to make more improvements.But I have to agree that Google web browser has some nice performance, stability and speed innovation.
From what I understood the browser will not crash because of one single site (witch happens in Firefox), it will just crash a TAB that is amazing to hear! Also the Javascript has been improved with a new V8 Javascript enigne, has some cool technology behind it.
But Firefox 3.1 is full power and has also the Javascript enhanced by TraceMonkey, Ubiquity, Weave and Firefox Mobile. I think the winner of these battle will be the users who will get better products in a tough competition. But I believe Google will make its browser work better with its own products like gmail, google, etc… Microsoft will keep making it running better for its own products, OWA, hotmail etc… And firefox? Will have to keep up being a well around compatible browser.
The revolution is here!

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