Amazing product called The Slupr
“At this moment I can see 8 different signals. Some are closed networks but most are open and available. I can only connect to one at a time so I tend to just pick the one with the best signal. But what if I could connect to all the networks at the same time and combine their bandwith?
Yeah, that is what I need!
A big, fat access point with a large antenna and a bunch of Wi-Fi cards that automatically connect to the strongest signals it can pick up. Then it would combine all these signals into one FreeLoading Broadband Canal for me to use.”
I wish I had the time to build my own, or at least a Linux box with 3 WLAN adapters and have a dope Internet connection!
Here it is:

There’s just one problem – the price. When it eventually ships, this baby will cost you a cool 999 Euros; $1342 in the States.
What I love about it, its quite home made. No huge companies behind it, yet. But if the Ciscos, Netgear, etc…  are smart they will place something
like this in the market.  If it gets cheap, maybe I will buy one…

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