If you have a server there is no need of the GUI interface, is there?
A good linux admin will never need it. So I am removing it, here are the commands:
Remove GUI (Gnome)
# apt-get remove gnome*
# apt-get remove *xorg*
# apt-get remove mplayer*
And to remove Office.
# apt-get remove openoffice.org
If it is a server and you dont mind the extra junk space, at least disable from startup
Remove GUI from boot up ( Free up memory):
# update-rc.d -f gdm remove
To start GUI:
# startx
To have it GUI startup again:
# /usr/sbin/update-rc.d gdm defaults
The main reason one would uninstall gnome , is to free space on the disk.
It will free up about 600 MB.
To troubleshoot space problems you can use these commands:
Find the current disk space utilization:
# df -k
# du -kx / | sort -nr | less
Find the biggest folders:
# find / -type f -ls | sort -k 7 -r -n | grep -v ‘/bin’ | head
Folder sizes:
# du –summarize –human-readable

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1 thought on “Uninstall Gnome and Office

  1. Nice! Thanks for the tips. I accidentally installed the desktop experience when I installed debian, and I was at a loss as to get it off of my headless server.

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