If you are new to the monitoring world and new to Linux, Nagios etc…
Do not lose the chance to try out this product, its amazing easy to install.
Just download the .iso boot a Virtual Machine poiting the CD to the .iso and the instalation is really really
easy, you could be up and running in just few minutes!
Download here
All credit goes to FAN team.
Also called as FAN, “stands for “Fully Automated Nagios”. FAN goals are to provide a Nagios installation including most tools provided by the Nagios Community. FAN provides a CDRom image in the standard ISO format, making it easy to easilly install a Nagios server.
Added to this, a wide bunch of tools are including to the distribution, in order to improve the user experience around Nagios.”
I am downloading and testing, but this does seem a promissing tool especially for new people how have trouble getting started in Nagios, and it does bring some of the best Nagios tools out there.
The list of tools provided by FAN:
* Nagios: Core monitoring application
* Nagios plugins: plugins to monitor servers
* Centreon: web frontend for Nagios (Centreon is one of the better tools for that!)
* NagVis: a great tools for configuring maps
* NDOUtils: Nagios module to store monitoring data in MySQL
* NRPE: the check_nrpe plugin (NRPE daemon is not provided)
* NaReTo (Nagios Reporting Tools): a great tool for getting availabilty report
Download here
After installing and testing I noticed a problem with version 1.1, the Centreon is still in version and Nagios on 2.2, so it must have been compiled almost one year ago! And i dont quite get to have all this Reporting Tools, Graphing tool because Centreon already does all this in a very nice way, but the Idea of the project is very interesting. Specially if they are able to make the configuration easier then it is, maybe auto populate nagios with nmap scan. I have seen a plugin that used to do that, although I could never make it work.
I have to state that last beta version 2.01b is awesome! Really great job, much more updated and instalation is so easy even a baby could do it. Congratulations to
Download Here or Here

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