VMware once again release a new version of its Virtualization software, it is free of use. And its all web based, which I dont really like but its where they are heading to. Sometimes I need to use Visio and Linux still is not compatible, so once a while I will startup that ugly windows.
Find what your linux header kernel
# uname -r
Install Linux Headers, and xinetd
# apt-get install linux-headers-<paste uname -r> build-essential xinetd
Download the VMWare server 2 from
# wget VMware-server-2.0.0-122956.i386.tar.gz
# cd vmware-server-distrib/
#  ./vmware-install.pl

License: A0108-F0Y4A-U345H-4CM18

To log in to VMWare Server 2.0, users will have to access https://localhost:8333/ui/ or http://localhost:8222/ui/ for non-secure connection (the URL may takes the form of your computer name) with a web browser to come to VMware Infrastructure (VI) Web Access management interface, which is VMWare Server Console, normally simply call Web-UI. Don’t worry about your system doesn’t have a web server such as Apache or Microsoft IIS running, VMWare Server 2.0
install Tomcat web server in the background.
Under Linux by default it will use the root user account, you may need to restablish the password for it to work.
I personally dont like to have it all managed via web, its just so slow!
I prefer the older version its much easier to manage and faster.
If you’re using Firefox 3 and use HTTPS, Firefox will complain about the self-signed certificate, therefore you must tell Firefox to accept the certificate – to do this, you can add an exception.
Also when creating or mounting a PC you will need to install something called Vmware-Cnsole-Plugins

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3 thoughts on “Install VMWare Server 2 in Ubuntu 8.10 (Hardy)

  1. dear felipe,
    i think you should delete the licence key in your article. Id don’t know excactly about the terms and conditions of vmware-server, but i’m glad that it’s not allowed to publish the key.
    sincerely yours,

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