The famous Logmein solution does not work for Linux. There are other solutions like:
VNC,DynDns,forwarding ports, FreeNX, thightVNC etc…
But they are all hard to setup, or just take lots of time.
I found today an amazing product called NTRConnect it does what it has to and its quite easy to setup.
It supports Linux,Mac,Windows.
NTRConnect Version 2 for Linux was released in 2008 and it works as advertised.
Download the software to Linux and install it – I found I had to run it using the sudo command within a terminal to get it to install properly.
Download the client from here
Double click and run the wizard, create an account, active by email.
Assure the client process is running:
#ps ax | grep connect
This must be present to comunicate to
To start/stop the service do:
#/etc/init.d/NTRConnectScript start / stop
To login, go to enter your username/password and just click on the computer.
Quite easy isn’t it?
The only negative thing is:
you can’t use Linux to remotely control another machine but you can control a Linux machine remotely using a different OS, like Windows or Mac.
I read rummors that logmein would have a Linux version comming this month April 2009, but so far nothing.
A script to jump firewalls, the user can execute and connect to you and from that connection u login.
Check my post at Reverse SSH script, or
Download the script

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21 thoughts on “How to Logmein in Linux

  1. gladbeast,
    That’s actually not the client. It’s a plugin for Firefox on Linux that allows the browser to display a better interface. Previously, you could still use the Logmein site to view your remote PC (running the client software) but it was pretty ugly. With the plugin you mention here it looks more like the active X version for IE.
    Thanks for this tip. I will have to give it a go. I’ve been looking for a better solution than what I’ve been running (since I switched from Windows at home to Ubuntu). Right now I’ve been connecting via VNC and SSH tunneling (which, for a newbie to Linux was tricky to get setup and doesn’t work with dynamic IPs). I’ll have to check into NTRConnect and see if it will help with this issue and if the preformance is good.

  2. hmmmm … I couldn’t even get past the setup portion. Wanted me to create an account and kept throwing a ‘mail error’. No option on their site to setup an account that way (which seems kinda poor to me).
    Anyone else have this same issue trying to ‘install’ NTRConnect?

  3. It seems to work …. I say “it seems” because the only MS Windows machine I have right now DOES NOT want to install de “NTR ActiveX” for Internet Explorer .. so I’ll have to wait until I get home and test it. The “mail error” happened to me because I want back during the setup process (to take some screenshots), and even though I didn’t finish the setup process IT took my email address and made the registration without a notice … so when I went forward again I couldn’t finish the setup process using “New Account”, I imagined what had happened so instead of using New Account I checked my email inbox and I confirmed I already had my account, so I just activated it and the re-run the setup process using my account information.
    Thanks for posting this, I’ven been a LogMeIn user for years and I was expecting something like that for Linux.
    in MEXICO.

  4. Hi! at the download page, there is a msi intall package, this, runs under ubuntu?

    1. yes, it should using WINE. Windows Emulator for Linux, if you dont have installed just type atp-get install wine

  5. thankyou thankyou thankyou….. Thanks for spreading knowledge. This is a very useful tool for working on linux from home

  6. Just tried ntrconnect on my set up (controlling an Ubuntu 9.10×64 workstation from an Ubuntu 9.10×64 laptop). No joy. I feel it is a misrepresentation on the ntrconnect web site to say it runs on Linux without making it clear that you can’t control a machine FROM a Linux machine, you can only control a Linux machine FROM an M$ Windows (or possibly Apple Mac) machine.
    The search for a remote control solution that isn’t a PITA to set up for Linux/Linux control continues. NTRConnect, isn’t it!

  7. Ok, so I just installed it under ubuntu, but now, I cant uninstall the software. How do you uninstall it?

  8. The only negative thing is:
    you can’t use Linux to remotely control another machine but you can control a Linux machine remotely using a different OS, like Windows or Mac.

    well….if your PC has enough resources you can always install virtualbox with a windows guest.

  9. hi all
    I tried to get NTR running on my Ubuntu 9.10, everything is ok for the installation and the service start. But when I want to remotly connect to it from an XP box, I only get the connecting bar … and that’s all, any idea ?

  10. Ive just install the NTR on a Debian and worked fine. The only issue is that NTR is not free, actually, you have one month evaluation and them I think it expires… let see what is gonna happen.

  11. is the way to go my friends. It is as simple as:
    gpg –keyserver –recv-keys C509840B96F89133
    gpg -a –export C509840B96F89133 | apt-key add –
    echo “deb lenny main” >> /etc/apt/sources.list
    apt-get update
    apt-get install x2goserver-home
    apt-get install x2gognomebindings
    apt-get install x2goclient-gtk

    it has time limitation (disconnect after 30mins)
    anyone have the solution ??

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