ubuntu mounts read only +USB
Someitimes when automounting external media, like USB memory or SD cards.
Ubuntu will allow read only.
The reason could be that somehow the kernel goes to panic when try to mount write permissions, confirm it by doing:
# dmesg | grep -i panic
will show you any panic messages. If you’re seeing alot of them relative to the disk, copy all the files you can to another disk and use dosfsck to fix the FAT partition,
Find out how is it mounted
# mount
Fix the filesystem:
# dosfsck -a /dev/<sdXX>
For me it got stuck in a bad pictures so I had to do
# dosfsck  /dev/<sdXX> -a -r -v -w
Then to check for Bad Sectors and fix it
# dosfsck  /dev/sde1 -t -r -v
Or since you’ve backed it up anyway (if you really did!)
just mkfs.vfat to format as FAT32. Or use gparted.

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