This script allow us to connect to a remote server. It can be usefull when a client need remote support.
We can mail the script and ask him to execute it.
In our linux we create a user called “remote” with the key/pass we will give to our friend.
Lets suppose our computer is open thru the internet in domain (u can register a free dns at
and that we have our SSH listening to port 22.
The remote user execute the script…
We give him the pass, and to keep that window open.
Then we go to our console and open ssh to port 2222 in our server, with our friend user, like:
#ssh -p 22222 frienduser@localhost
Our friend gives us his password and we are in!
Now we have full remote control.
Thanks to the script creator: David Martí­n
More details at

Script para tunel SSH inverso

Download the script

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