There is a bug on Fedora 11 when yum update hangs when trying to connect via proxy when it tries to access https sites
It stucks at:
“Setting up Package Sacks”
Proxy should be preset to work there are 2 ways one is to
set it in /etc/yum.conf
Or set it as a system variable doing:
# export http_proxy=http://User:Password@ProxyServer:Port
Then we should edit the repository files:

Change all https to http
Also we may use:
Avoid error of yum missing dependency:
# yum –skip-broken -y -v update
or just:
# yum -y -v update
In my opinion its shame there is not a more clear error message or timeout explaining the simple error, I am used to debian apt-get and so far Fedora yum is losing.

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2 thoughts on “Yum hangs at "Setting up Package Sacks"

  1. I assumed YUM would have used the system’s proxy settings. -guess not.
    I updated /etc/yum.conf like you said and it worked. Thanks!

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