New  Release of Centreon 2.1.4, i have updated using the following commands:
# wget
# tar -zxvf centreon..
# bash -u /usr/local/centreon
(follow instructions and go into the web to update)
The Change Log is:

  • fix: extended information is loaded properly (for hosts and services)
  • fix: adds timestamp on host external commands
  • fix: remove special char in log output
  • fix: remove error when user create nagios.cfg file
  • fix: remove errors when laoding nagios.cfg file
  • enhancement: add auto deploy service attached to hosts templates on hosts when loading cfg files
  • fix: fix problem with str_replace and URL_notes and URL_actions #1288
  • fix: fix error with ACL and / and
  • fix: problem to load LDAP contact
  • fix: nagiosPerfTrace => ssh port is now used
  • fix: problem with ACL in monitoring
  • enhancement : improve performance in treeview for graphs and logs
  • fix: enlarge all munti selet in configuration form
  • fix: improve ACL in monitoring
  • fix: security patch in ping tool (thanks J. Cayssol)
  • fix: security patch in traceroute tool (thanks J. Cayssol)
  • fix: security patch in ldap import (thanks J. Cayssol)
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4 thoughts on “Centreon 2.1.4

  1. Hi,
    Your blog was very helpful for me while setting up Centreon 2.1.4 on CentOS5.
    how can I add new hosts (client servers) to this main monitoring server?
    I have installed Nagios Core 3.2.0 and NRPE plugin.
    What is the next step to add new host?
    Please help.. thank you so much for latest and updated articles.. 🙂

  2. Hola Felipe,
    Estoy probando este front-end para Nagios, pero me estoy encontrando con algunos problemas.
    Al agregar nuevos hosts se almacenan nuevos ficheros .cfg para nagios ?
    Se ven reflejados los cambios de servicios y comandos también en Nagios ?
    Gracias por su ayuda y felicidades por su blog.

    1. Manuel,
      Los .cfg solo son generados cuando vas en COnfiguration>Nagios>Export
      antes de eso si quedan en la BD de Centreon.

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