warning ‘Heartbeat’] Failed to bind heartbeat socket (-1). Using any IP.
Our ESX server is in a remote site using NAT to connect to the Virtual Center and it loses connection because the ports are not open and the IP NAT is not configured.
From the ESX host to the VCenter you will need the following ports
5989 TCP (CIM Client)
902 UDP  (heathbeat)

To force the NAT IP you will need to add <preserveServerIp>true</preserveServerIp> and
enter the IP
# vi /etc/opt/vmware/vpxa/vpxa.cfg
# service mgmt-vmware restart
On the VC:
click Administration > vCenter Server Settings.
Click Runtime Settings.
Under Managed IP address, type the IP address of the external address of the NAT device.
Reconnect the ESX host.
Keep an eye on the log:
tail -f /var/log/vmware/vpx/vpxa.log

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