Well if you have the mission to keep multiple webservers IIS 6.0 with exactly same setup its not an easy job!
I was faced with this challenge and ended up writing yet another vbs script.
I played with Microsoft tool web deploy
But in the end my script was better then it.
The big problem was the bindings wich some sites have many and the change from server to server, because of the IP change. My script can handle that listing an array.
It will have one server as a Master, and these should run in the slaves, so they will have a clone IIS configuration (metabase) of its master.
It will not handle or include copying files, since my sites are in a storage, its no problem.
It does requires c:scriptsiismt (IIS 6 RSKit tool), a Source IIS Server to replicate from and iisweb.vbs to add the bindings.
The script can be downloaded here

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