Of course you have Cristo Corcovado (www.corcovado.com.br) in Rua Cosme Velho, 513, cost like US$ 21 (R/.36) per person and open at 8:30 until 19;00 h you can do it by car or by Corcovado train, well also you can climb it but if you are going to climb do the other ones that I will write you, also you can go to (Sugarloaf Montain) Pão de Açucar (R/.44) US$ 26(http://www.bondinho.com.br/) that open at 8:00am until 21 hours. You can climb part of the Sugarloaf Montain if you want adventure. If you only have time to visit one of them I recommend you to visit the Cristo Corcovado that have a killing panoramic view of Rio. Also you can go to Jardim Botánico(Rio’s Botanical Garden) (http://www.jbrj.gov.br/) it´s really nice if you like plants and trees because it have a lot of species and it´s a very calm and relax place it´s open from 8 till 17 h. cost R/. 5 US$ 3. If you go take a pic in the big palm trees with the water fountain.
You should go to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas (http://www.lagoarodrigodefreitas.com.br/conheca…) you will have a beautiful view of the lake and the Cristo Corcovado, there you can get something to drink like a caipirinha, agua de coco (coconut juice), etc if you go at night some of the places(kiosks) have bossanova shows. You also have Plaphitas Kitch it´s romantic and the menu is inspired by the cuisine of Amazonia it´s open everyday from 5pm.(http://www.palaphitakitch.com.br/ Av Epitacio Pessoa, s/no. – Quiosque 20 – Parque do Cantagalo)
It´s nice to go to see the sunset in Pedra do Arpoador (Arpoador Rock), you can also surf there, have good waves.Only if you have time you can go to Tijuca Rainforest, there go to cascatinha Waterfall (Parque Nacional da Tijuca) ( http://www.terrabrasil.org.br/pn_tijuca/pnt_1.htm ) that´s also the Corcovado neighborhood it´s the largest urban rainforest park in the world or go to Parque Natural Municipal Bosque da Barra(Av. das Américas, 6.000 – Barra da Tijuca) In this park you will see natural lakes, the forest (Mata Atlantica) and have a place to play soccer and ride bikes and a place to do picnics.It´s open daily from 7 till 17hrs.
If you go to Downtown Rio don´t forget to see the San Sebastián Catedral,Petrobrás Building, La Candelaria neoclásic style church that have renacentist decoration, also you have La Plaza XV there are historic constructions, museums, etc. La confitería Colombo (rua Gonçalves Dias, 32.) that´s Art Deco it´s tradicition has a dazzling tea room and arguably the best sweets and other delicacies in town, get a dessert or coffee and enjoy the architecture. In Cinelandia you have Belas Artes Museum, Nacional Library and the Municipal Theater.
Also it´s good to visit Los arcos de Lapa (Lapa Aqueduct) carries streetcars( bondinhos) on their way up to Santa Teresa, Santa Teresa is west of Lapa and you can visit the Escadaria Selarón para o Convento de Santa Teresa is a stairway covered by colorful tiles and have the ever evolving art work of chilean artist Jorge Selarón. You should do that during the day.If you want to walk around Lapa and Santa Teresa at night is best with a local. There are some favelas around so you have to be really careful.
If you are going to see a soccer game in Maracanã Stadium there´s an area called Branca go there because there are no fights, there is also tours to the stadium when theres no game.
Also there´s the Feira de São Cristóvão – Centro Luiz Gonzaga de Tradições Nordestinas it´s only if you want to taste northeast Brazilian food, it´s a big and simple market it starts every friday at night and finish on sunday.
There are some boat trips around the Guanabara Bay, the boats leave in the morning from Marina da Gloria, you will pass around Niteroi and see the Contemporary Art Museum that it´s design by Oscar Niemeyer and also you will see the Fortaleza de Santa Cruz. If you want to do hang gliding flights (asa delta) you can do it in Pepino Beach in São Conrado you can try this company www.hiltonflyrio.com it´s very good.If you like adventure sports you can hike some places.
You can do the trekking of pico del Papagagio it´s in the west part of the Parque Nacional da Floresta da Tijuca. At 890 mts you will see the all floresta and all city, also have amazing views of barra da tijuca and baixada de Jacarepagua, trial starts at Bom Retiro it´s the park principal area and it´s in Alto da boa vista like 45 minutes from ipanema. The trekking round trip 5 km. There also starts the trekking Pico da tijuca.
If you go trekking to this places you should do it during the week because on weekends theres a lot of people.
The trekking to pedra da gavea is only for people that really really have a lot of experiencie because it also have a wall of 30 mts of altitud that you will climb, the trekking takes like 4 hours but you will have one of the best views of Rio.
If you dont have too much experience I recommend you to do the Pedra Bonita trekking because it´s relaxing and it´s easy and also have cool views of Rio.The trekking starts in Estrada das Canoas, at São Conrado
Of helicopters tours try www.helisight.com.br .Try to depart from the Lagoa because it have better views but if you are going to do it in pão de Açucar, you will need a little time to buy the ticket for pão de açucar because you will have first to go to the first platform to get in the helicopter.
The best places to go to the beach are Ipanema posto 9 you will see the beautiful people of zona sul but if you are going with your family it´s better to go to posto 11 or 12 . Pepe Beach that it´s in Barra da Tijuca you will see the beautiful people of Barra, there you can do kitesurf, windsurfing, surf, you can play soccer, volleyball, etc or enjoy the sun and the view drinking a (agua de coco) coconut juice or a caipirinha. Grumari Reserve, Guaratiba and Prainha(amazing) are spectacular beaches they are a little far but are worth it, it´s really cool there for surfing, it´s a one hour drive. When you go to swim ask for someone nice to look for your things, don´t go with a lot of money or a expensive camara or passport. At the beach they offer you cheese with species it´s really good also they have some seafood like shirimp be careful with the lime because if it stick to your skin with the sun you can get a stain in your hand.
In Copacabana don´t stay too long you can go to Posto 6 that have a nice view and take the pic with the famous sidewalk (calçadao) and then go because there´s a lot of old people and a lot of tourists and also you can be rob by little poor children because they know that are tourist with money, many decades ago it was a cool neighborhood but now it´s not, when you are there you can visit Forte de Copacabana or outside take a picture.Really, Rio have more amazing places than copacabana so use your time in that beautiful city to discover the rest.
You should really go to Barra da Tijuca, it´s 35 minutes from ipanema, it´s an uptown neighborhood, it´s the Miami Carioca, have the biggest shopping mall (Barra shopping), beaches like Pepe you also have cool bars,restaurants and good clubs like Nuth. I will write you down stuff that you can do there, the places are excellent and with gorgeous people. If you can stay more than 4 days in rio you should stay one or two night in a barra hotels because you will enjoy more the nightlife and the neighborhood.
For restaurant you have Antiquarius that it´s near the beach (r. Aristides espínola, 19 – Leblon www.antiquarius.com.br ) it´s portuguese, brazilian food have good seafood, Satyricon seafood( www.satyricon.com.br ) you will spend like US$ 100 per person in some of this restaurants,Terzetto (r. jangadeiros, 28 – Ipanema http://www.terzetto.com.br/) best wine list,italian, salads ,Olympe owned by the top chef Claude Troisgros it´s French food (rua custodio serrão, 62 – jardim botânico http://www.claudetroisgros.com.br/) , also for french food you have Le Pré Catelan Restaurant at sofitel Rio Hotel (av. Atlantica, 4.240, Copacabana http://www.sofitel.com/gb/hotel-1988-sofitel-ri…) Opening hours : 19:00-23:30. Roberta Sudbrack ( rua Lineu Paula Machado, 916 – Jardim Botanico www.robertasudbrack.com.br) the good it´s exquisite it´s of ex Brazilian president chef, Mr.Lam very sophisticated chinese owned by the wealthiest man in Brazil (www.mrlam.com.br Rua Maria Angélica, 21, Lagoa) before eating get a drink at the the third floor that have beautiful view of the lagoa. Carlota multicultural food(www.carlota.com.br/ ), Marius is seafood and steak house that have Rodizio(buffet) Av Atlântica, 290 Copacabana (www.marius.com.br) , Sushi leblon it is the hip sushi restaurant ( www.sushileblon.com ) Dias Ferreira street 256 , Fasano Al mare Italian cuisine it´s in Fasano Hotel (Av. Vieira Souto 80),Gero (rua Anibal de Mendonça 157, Ipanema) it´s an italian restaurant arrange with candles, Cipriani is the Copacabana Palace restaurant it´s very elegant, Zazá bistrô (www.zazabistro.com.br) it´s oriental and local food they don´t accept reservations so probably you will wait like almost one hour but relax and get a drink at the bar that it´s in the 3d floor that have little tables and big pillows in the floor.
This restaurants are less expensive, Bistro 66 it´s a simple french restaurant that have the same owner of Olympe but it´s cheaper ( Rua Alexandre Ferrerira 66 Jardim Botanico www.66bistro.com.br) Porcão Rio’s best steak house (Rodizio) there is one in barra but the one that have nice view it´s in Av. Infante Dom Henrique, S/N, Aterro do Flamengo (www.porcao.com.br ) don´t eat a lot of salads make room for the amazing picanha, Zuka to have a nice lunch (www.zuka.com.br), La plancha it´s a simple restaurant but with a fantastic fresh seafood, Bira de Guaratiba it´s a simple rustic place but have a fantastic view of the restinga de marambaia (http://www.biradeguaratiba.com.br/) . You also have La Mole restaurant (http://www.lamole.com.br) it´s a good italian restaurant in ipanema it´s at Rua Joana Angélica, 159, in leblon it´s at R. Dias Ferreira, 147 lojas abcd in barra are 2 one in barra shopping and another one in Av. Armando Lombardi, 175, you also have it in more places and shoppings malls and Gula Gula restaurant it´s brazilian food it´s very casual and relaxed(http://www.gulagula.com.br/) they are in a lot of places like Rua Henrique Dumont 57, Ipanema or av. Rita ludolf, 87, loja A – Leblon or av. das américas, 7.777, lj. 331 – rio design center – barra da tijuca. Fiammetta it´s an Italian restaurant (http://www.fiammetta.com.br/– av. das américas 7.777/ 303, rio design barra and Rio plaza shopping in botafogo) If you like pizza you can go to Capricciosa – r. Vinicius de Moraes, 134 – Ipanema.
To drink juice you can go to Bibi Sucos it´s really good it´s in leblon also you have Polis Sucos at Ipanema. Mil frutas Rua Garcia d’Ãvila 134, Ipanema they are delicius and have exotic icecreams in leblon it´s at Rua Rainha Guilhermina 48. Felice Café (www.felice.com.br , Gomes Carneiro 30, Ipanema) it´s a relax place to eat some salads and sandiwches.
If your going to Santa Teresa you have to be careful, during the day it´s nice hike up the streets, but the neighborhood is surrounded by three different favelas and there are assaults after dark. Bar do Mineiro (rua Pascoal Carlos Magno 99) it´s a restaurant that have everything of minas Gerais and also have an art gallery, and antiques shop it´s open Tues-Thurs 11am-2am; Fri-Sat 11am-3am; Sun 11am-midnight. Bar do Arnaldo (rua Almirante Alexandrino, 316 B) it´s famous for its food from Brazil’s Northeast region. Aprazível it´s one of the best in Santa teresa it´s worth because it´s a nice place and have a good view of the area but it´s not famous for the food (http://www.aprazivel.com.br/ rua Aprazivel 62) it´s a seafood and meat restaurant, go by taxi it´s difficult to find. Other is Sobrenatural it´s also seafood restaurant (Rua Almirante Alexandrino 434).
There are some simple things you should taste, Pao de queijo, feijoada, açai you can get it at the beach or in a juice stands it´s very tipical of cariocas, brigadeiros, Ovomaltine Milshake of Bobs Hamburger and if you are in a shopping mall and you want to eat fast eat at Spoleto, it´s really cheap and you can eat a salad or some pasta.If you want a drink with more alcohol you can ask the waiter like this for example caipinha “caprichada”it´s pronounce caprishada, you are saying that you want something a little especial, like they make an effort.
For nighlife depends on your age and what kind of things you like so I´m going to tell you some places so you could decide. Remember in Rio the nightlife starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, so you can party all the week, you only need to check the program for the day you want to go to those clubs. You have to go to this clubs before 10:30pm.afterward the doors gets crowed. In all the clubs in the entrance they will give you an electronic card so everything that you eat or drink they will charge it there and then when you are going out you will have to make the line to pay so try not to pay almost when the club it´s closing to avoid big lines.
Nuth club (www.nuth.com.br) it´s also a restaurant in the second floor, I love the atmosphere it´s in Av. Armando Lonbardi,999 ,Barra da tijuca, there´s another one in Av. Epitacio Pessoa 1244 Lagoa , this one have 3 floors and ambience.
In Ipanema you have Baronneti club (Rua Narao da torre,354) (http://www.baronetti.com.br) it´s for 18 to 20 years old. People Club it´s in Av. Armando Lombardi, 483 Barra da Tijuca (www.peopleclub.com.br) it´s for 18 to 23 years old. You also have 69 (http://www.lounge69.com.br/) that it´s good from Tuesday till friday but it´s a really small place, it´s electronic music have 2 floors the first one is for dancing and the second floor it´s a chill out lounge. If you want to get beer you can do it at Devassa of ipanema Rua Prudente de Moraes, 416 or in Barra Av. Lúcio Costa 3.460 – Lojas 101/103 it have an oceanview (http://www.devassa.com.br/) , in leblon it´s Rua Rainha Guilhermina 48 , there are also in other places.
Where it´s Nuth(barra da tijuca) have a street with a lot of cool bars. If you want to experiment an amazing variety of cachaça (caipirinhas), they are exquisite at Academia da Cachaça , try the escondidinho de carne seca it´s shredded jerked beef, or trout or chicken or shrimp mashed cassava, cream cheese au gratin, it´s delicius. There´s one on Rua Conde Bernadotte, 26 Leblon (www.academiadacachaca.com.br/) or you have another one near Nuth in barra Av. Armando Lombardi, 800 – Loja 65- L Cond. Condado de Cascais.You can go to Conversa Fiada that is a Boteco Bar(http://www.conversafiadabotequim.com.br) R. Vinicius de Moraes, 75 – Ipanema or in barra Armando Lombardi 800 loja jkl condado de cascais there´s another in leblon. Jobi (Av. Ataulfo de Paiva 1166, Leblon) it´s a relax place to get a beer it´s open from 9 am till 4 am and on the weekends it´s open until 5 am , try bolinhos do bacalhau.
Also you have 00 Zero Zero Club (www.00site.com.br) it´s really nice on Friday and Saturday, Avenida Padre Leonel Franca, 240 Gavea, before you go call to see what is the program for that night, It have a restaurant area, a little bar and a dance floor, the place is really nice have an outdoor deck with sofas, it´s lounge and electronic music. Melt club (www.meltbar.com.br), it´s a small club where you can eat and listen to live music and have dancefloor in the second floor (Rua Rita Ludolf, 47, Leblon). Boox (www.boox.com.br rua barao da torre 368 , ipanema) it´s a restaurant on ground level and a lounge upstairs that becomes a club after midnight and on weekends, it´s for 21 years old and up, go early because it´s crowded to enter.
Note: I was really surprised what little of a classy night life Rio has!
To get a drink and have a really nice view of Rio you can go to Iberostar Copacabana Hotel that have an amazing panoramic view of all Copacabana. You can go to Caesar Park (Av. Vieira Souto 460, Ipanema www.caesar-park.com) those bars are in a top floor so you will have a beautiful view.
Bar d’Hotel en El Hotel Marina All Suites (Avenida Delfim Moreira 696 en Leblon http://www.marinaallsuites.com.br/allsuites/) have french food it´s open thrusdays to saturday 7am-2am; Sunday till wednesday 8am- 12 am,have modern retro design it´s located in the second floor. If you want to see young crowd on fridays and saturdays go to Bar da Praia that have an informal atmosphere it´s located at Hotel Marina Palace (Rua Joao Lira 5 Leblon) Monday- thursday 8pm-2am; friday to sunday 6pm-2am.
If you are not staying in Copacabana Palace Hotel (www.copacabanapalace.com) it´s nice to visit Bar do Copa it´s the bar at the swimming pool it´s cool at night Wednesday, from 8pm and Thursday to Saturday, from 9pm this days are cool DJs, its good on saturday. Londra bar it´s the Fasano Hotel go early (www.fasano.com.br ) it´s a somewhat fancy bar, it´s cool on fridays.
If it´s raining you can go to some shopping malls like Riosul (www.riosul.com.br),the Fashion Mall it´s in Sao Conrado ( http://www.scfashionmall.com.br/ ) it have really exclusive stores also you have Barrashopping (www.barrashopping.com.br) it´s in barra da tijuca, it´s the larger mall in Rio, for me it´s the best because it have all kind of stores. Also you have Rio Design (www.riodesign.com.br) that´s in Leblon it´s nice, have like 4 floors of stores but don´t have all the stores also there´s another one in Barra, it´s really nice and have good restaurants. Most of the shopping malls open at 10 a .m. and on sundays at 13:00. but in the holiday they open at 3pm till 9pm
You could visit H Stern in ipanema that have a museum (rua Vizconde Piraja 490)(www.hstern.net.) You can go to the Feira Hippie, it´s in Ipanema and only sundays it´s open from 9 am till 5pm.
In Brazil they don´t accept dollars in the stores or anywhere so you have to change it to reales but do it in a safety place like a Shopping Mall, don´t change a lot of money at the airport because they will charge you with a tax, if you change it in a street store then they can follow you and take your money. If you want to take out money from the ATM do it during the day because at night they are close because of the assaults. Rio is like any big city you have to take some precautions don’t wear flashy jewelry or keep expensive items like cameras out in the open. Get a fake wallet to give in with pocket change in case of a robbery and don’t resist, really don´t try to talk to them. Be careful at night if you are walking, don´t walk at night in the beach. Don´t go out with your passport, airplane tickets etc.
If you want to listen to Brazilian music go to Vinicius(http://www.viniciusbar.com.br/ Rua Vinicius de Moraes,39) that it´s in Ipanema it´s a little place but it´s really nice and have good live music. Vinicius is next to Garota de Ipanema restaurant(http://www.garotaipanema.com.br/) you can go to Garota de Ipanema but it doesn´t have anything out of the ordinary, only take a picture.If you want to see and dance Samba go to Rio Senarium (that´s in Rua do Lavradio, 20 lapa. www.rioscenarium.com.br) go early or get a reservation because it´s difficult to enter, it gets crowed outside, it´s nice on fridays and saturdays is best you go and return by taxi.If you want to see a Brazilian show you can go to Plataforma (rua Adalberto Ferreira, 32 – Leblon http://www.plataforma.com) or go to Scala nightclub offers thematic dances every night (Avenida Afrânio de Melo Franco 296 – Leblon) The samba schools are open the entired year so if you can´t go to Rio for carnaval you will get a little of cariocan carnaval vibe by going to see the community rehearsal you will see the batery, girls dancing you also can try to dance some samba. You have to be careful wich school you go because the places are not in a good neighborhood ,maybe you can go to see Mangueira that it´s one of the best.
This are the cariocan samba schools
– Beija-Flor – Pracinha Wallace Paes Leme 1025 – Nilópolis Tel: 2791-2866 Thrusdays 21:00.
– Grande Rio – Rehearsals: Colégio São José – Av. Presidente Kennedy fridays 22:00
– Imperatriz Leopoldinense Rua Professor Lacê 235 – Ramos Tel: 2560-8037 sundays 20:00
– Imperio Serrano Av. Ministro Edgard Romero 114 – Madureira Tel: 2489-8722 / 2489-5696 saturdays las 23:00
– Mangueira Rua Visconde de Niterói 1072 – Mangueira Tel: 3872-6786 / 3872-6787 / 2567-4637 saturdays a las 22:00
– Mocidade Rua Coronel Tamarindo 38 – Padre Miguel Tel: 3332-5823 saturdays 22:00
– Portela Rua Clara Nunes 81 – Madureira Tel: 2489-6440 wednesday 20:00 fridays 22:00
– Porto da Pedra Rua Lúcio Tomé Feteira 290 – Vila Lage – São Gonçalo Tel: 2203-2705 / 2291-9449 wednesday 20:00
– Salgueiro Rua Silva Teles 104 – Tijuca Tel: 2288-3065 Saturday 22:00
– Unidos da Tijuca Clube dos Portuários – Av. Francisco Bicalho 47 -São Cristóvão Tel: 2263-9836 friday and saturday at 20:00
– Viradouro Av. do Contorno 16 – Barreto – Niterói Tel: 2628-7840 tuesday 20:00 saturday 22:00
– Vila Isabel Av. 28 de Setembro 382 – Vila Isabel Tel: 2578-0077 / 2576-4120 tuesday 20:00 saturday 22:00.
If you are going to buzios(170 km from Rio,3 hour drive from Rio) stay in a hotel or pousada in buzios because the nightlife is there in Rua das Pedras but the best beaches are in Arraial do Cabo(140km from Rio) that it´s really near from buzios like 20 minute drive, it have more beautiful beaches , the water it´s cristal clear,you have pontal do Atalaia, Forno beach, Farol beach, the Prainhas, etc. When you enter buzios there´s a Tourist cabine where you can get a map and some brochures. Its better to do the boat tour in Arraial. Go to Geriba beach and Brava beach in Buzios.
Well to do eco tourisim in Buzios, you can go to Emerências Reserve you’ll find the purest Atlantic Forest vegetation, with exotic plants, bromeliads and even the last golden tamarin monkeys in the region and if you want to see waterfalls I suggest you go to Serramar, Casemiro de Abreu, located about 30 minutes away from Buzios, There are all kind of radical tours like the one you go through the Pai João Path. The tour lasts about two hours and the way back to the camp is done by car.Also you can do Rappel the tour last like 2 or 3 hours and you can do Rafting and duck (for experienced people) in Macaé and Alto Macaé are special, the program lasts 1:30 to 2:30 hrs . Ecological Horseback Riding it´s a good option.Other places of direct contact with nature are Lagoinha and José Gonçalves Beach.Every tour starts really early in the morning so you should arrange the visits before. I suggest you rent a car or buggy so you can go where ever you want.
If you are going to pass by Cabo frio you can go to the Bikini street( Rua dos Bikinis) it have amazing swimsuits and not too expensive.
If you are renting a car from Rio to get to other cities take from home some music, it´s cool for when you are driving those hours, makes the trip more relaxing.
You can also go to Paraty (it´s a 3 hour drive (300km) from the city) that it´s a colourful historic beach town that have colonial architecture you have the Santa Rita church, you also have art galleries. There are boat tour around the islands. You can go to Pedra Branca waterfalls it´s really gorgeous and you can swim there, it´s a little far but is totally worth it. You also have Poço das Andorinhas waterfalls,Tobogã waterfalls, Poço da Laje de Pedra waterfalls.
If you are going to Ilha grande, (149.50 km south of Rio to Angra and 105 Km to Mangaratiba) it´s 3 and a half hours by bus (bus R/.40) to take the ferry at Angra dos Reis and it´s 2 hours if you go to Mangaratiba to take the Ferry (Ferry from Mangaratiba-Abraão: 23 km, the duration is about 1:15h a 1:40h and from Angra-Abraão: 21 km, duration is about 1:15h a 1:30h, the prices are from monday till friday R/.6.50 and saturday, sundays and holidays is R/.14, phones (21) 2533-7524 / 2532-6274 from Monday – Friday from 8-18hs.) but it only goes out at 8am except on fridays that also have one at 22 hours and from Abraao to mangaratiba you have a ferry at 17:30 pm if you go from Angra to abraao the ferry is from monday till friday at 15:30pm and saturday,sunday and holidays 13:30 pm and from abraao to angra 10:00 am. To get to the ferry try to go early because it could be croweded. You can´t miss one of the best beaches of Brazil, Lopes Mendes, it´s exotic, the boat tour leave you in at the Ensenada de las Palmas in Morro do Pouso and then you will walk like 20 minutes in the beautiful mata atlantica. San Antonio beach it´s near lopes mendes there are not to much people.
There are different boat excursions you can see the Dos Rios beach is spectacular, also you have tours to Ensenada las Palmas,Saco do Céu, Ensenada de las Estrellas, Laguna Azul it´s the most famous tour, it have amazing natural pools the water is cristal blue, Freguesia de Santana, Laguna Verde it´s a must you can do snorkell the water is cristal green,Gruta de Acaiá it´s open ocean so is not always available. In the scunas you can get some drinks and also do snorkell.You also can rent a boat, don´t buy the tours from the street guys do it in an tourist agency so you will know that those boats are certificated the trips are around US$ 10 to US$ 25. For me it´s Rio natural Paradise, there are no cars nothing that can stress you.
If you like trekking you can do Camino a la cumbre del Pico de Papagayo it´s a trail, treck(trilha) of 3 hours to get there and other 3 to get back and it´s really hard and you will need some good fisic condition, or if it´s cloudy day you can do the Cascada de la Hechicera – Cachoeira da Feiticeira trekking if you do it early then you can get to the beach that have the same name and you can take a swim and do some snorkell do this trail (trilha) with a tour guide because it´s mata atlantica and you can get lost or get only to the first part.January it´s the month that rains the most and febrary the hottest month. The best time to go to the island is from march to june and then in august til october, in the summer it rains at the end of the day but its hot.
In Winter it´s nice to go to the country side of Rio like Visconde de Maua that have waterfalls, romantic bungalows you can visit Escorrega waterfalls, Santa Clara waterfalls , Poço do Marimbondo waterfalls,Toca da Raposa waterfalls , Saudade waterfalls, also Penedo that it´s a little finland town have europian architecture, Papa noel House (Pequeña Finlândia), Itatiaia National Park you can visit there the blue lake, Poranga Waterfall, Maromba Water fall, Itaporani waterfall, Velo de la novia Waterfall Pico Itatiaia also Pico de Águilas Negras , Sierra de Maromba , Los Estantes ,Piedra del Altar ,Pico Dos Hermanos , Pico Cabeza del León . Teresopolis, Petropolis it´s 68km from the city (1 hour 1/2) .

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