So they try to stop the free content to flow in the internet.
I am just one more to help keep the information flowing.
Julian Assange creator of WikiLeaks has been arrested in London!
The original site has been banned. But no worries there are over 500 mirrors around.

How to explore the data

Search for events that you remember that happened for example in your country. You can browse by date or search for an origin near you.
Pick out interesting events and tell others about them. Use twitter, reddit, mail whatever suits your audience best.
For twitter or other social networking services please use the #cablegate or unique reference ID (e.g. #66BUENOSAIRES2481) as hash tags.

Key figures:

  • 15, 652 secret
  • 101,748 confidential
  • 133,887 unclassified
  • Iraq most discussed country – 15,365 (Cables coming from Iraq – 6,677)
  • Ankara, Turkey had most cables coming from it – 7,918
  • From Secretary of State office – 8,017

According to the US State Departments labeling system, the most frequent subjects discussed are:

  • External political relations – 145,451
  • Internal government affairs – 122,896
  • Human rights – 55,211
  • Economic Conditions – 49,044
  • Terrorists and terrorism – 28,801
  • UN security council – 6,532

All wikileak can be downloaded here:

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