If you need to break the 2GB or 4GB heap memory size(depending on your OS/JVM combinaison) the maximum barrier for your GlassFish-powered application, you can move to a 64-bit JVM.
The following applies to the GlassFish “developer” and “cluster” profiles.
To do so :
Make sure you have a 64-bit JVM properly installed
Adjust the AS_JAVA variable in GLASSFISH_HOME/config/asenv.conf
(applies to an entire install, not to a specific domain or instance)
Replace the -client or -server option with -d64 in the domain jvm-options
(use the Admin tool or asadmin create-jvm-options rather than editing domain.xml).
Following steps:
1. Reinstalled Java JDK 1.6.XX 64 bit jdk.
For RPM Version 64 bits ( jre-6u23-linux-x64-rpm )
# wget http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=43874
2. added -d64 to asadmin script
Go to the file
On the line about Java Start add -d64
Do this via graphic interface
3. added -d64 to domain.xml
4. Changed -client to -server
I have tried using JRockit but could not make it work, could anyone do it?
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