• feature: Add shortcut from host configuration page to service configuration page
  • feature: Improve trap management with adding rules for status detection
  • feature: Add icones in all services, hosts, host template and service templates pages
  • feature: Add possibility to set ACL groupes directly from contact form
  • feature: Add possibility to add link between ACL groups and ACL resources, menu and actions.
  • feature: Add graph zoom
  • feature: Add graph period swicth (previous / next)
  • feature: Add graph image export icone
  • feature: Add radmon colors for unknown datasource
  • feature: Refactory of all graphs system
  • feature: Add Engine name, Engine version and status in Configuration > Centreon > pollers
  • feature #1570: new command and service interface
  • feature #1561: context-aware help tooltips
  • feature: new type of objects, Host Categories for ACL
  • feature: ACL can be set on Poller. When set, resources will be filtered
  • feature: command arguments can have their descriptions. When set, there is no need to know the argument order of your commands
  • feature: possibility to synchronize media directory with database
  • feature: possibility to use multiple broker modules
  • enhancement: code refactoring
  • enhancement: removes useless/deprecated Nagios options
  • enhancement: better overview of monitoring status
  • enhancement: new Views > Graphs interface (possibility to export images, zoom in etc…)
  • enhancement: menus of modules can be translated
  • enhancement: home > tactical overview is ajax’ed
  • enhancement: service icons are displayed in monitoring and configuration pages
  • enhancement: overlay windows show up in tactical overview and host monitoring pages
  • enhancement: Nagios process control page in Administration > Server Status page (used to be in Home > Nagios Statistics)
  • enhancement: Downtime and Comment pages in Monitoring > Services and Monitoring > Hosts pages (used to be in Monitoring > Event Logs)
  • enhancement: New search fields in Monitoring > Services pages (search by host, service, plugin output)
  • enhancement: cron jobs running status are stored in database
  • enhancement: custom macro tab has been removed, the custom macro fields are displayed in the first tab
  • enhancement: special characters with accents are now properly displayed in monitoring/views/configuration pages
  • enhancement: Add more search option in service pages
  • enhancement: Improve macros management in host and service configuration page
  • enhancement: Add a specific color for disable object in monitoring
  • enhancement: Sort all object in multi select box in configuration pages
  • enhancement: Add more options in search engine in monitoring
  • enhancement: Add overlay in montoring on host link in all gird and summary pages

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