New Features

  • Multi Engines (Nagios, Icinga, Shinken)
  • Possibility to use multiple event broker modules
  • New command service configuration interface with argument descriptions
  • New search fields in Monitoring > Services pages (search by host, service, plugin output)
  • Shortcut link from host configuration page to service configuration page
  • Icons in all service, host, host template and service template configuration pages
  • New trap management system which includes status detection rules
  • Possibility to set ACL groups directly from contact form
  • Possibility to directly link ACL groups to ACL resources, menus and actions.
  • Zoom in RRD graph
  • RRD graph navigation (previous / next)
  • RRD graph can be exported
  • Radmon colors for unknown data sources
  • Ccontext-aware help tooltips
  • New type of objects: Host Categories (for ACL purposes)
  • Resources can be filtered by Poller
  • New synchronization system for media directory


  • Implementation of Ajax on Tactical overview page
  • Overlay windows show up in tactical overview and host monitoring pages
  • Better overview of monitoring status
  • Module menus can be translated
  • Moved Nagios process control page to Administration > Server Status page (used to be in Home > Nagios Statistics)
  • Downtime and Comment pages in Monitoring > Services and Monitoring > Hosts pages (used to be in Monitoring > Event Logs)
  • Cron jobs running status are stored in database
  • Custom macro tab has been removed, the custom macro fields are displayed in the first tab (Configuration > Hosts and Configuration Services)
  • Special characters with accents are now properly displayed in monitoring/views/configuration pages
  • Improved management of macros in host and service configuration page
  • Added a specific color for disabled object in monitoring
  • Multi select box in configuration pages display elements in order
  • Added overlay windows for hosts in monitoring pages such as “Grid” and “Summary”


1 thought on “Centreon 2.2

  1. Hi Felipe, after upgrade all my graph show this error:
    10/5/2011 11:40:07 – ERROR while updating /var/lib/centreon/status/2544.rrd at 1305035949 -> 100 : /var/lib/centreon/status/2544.rrd: illegal attempt to update using time 1305035949 when last update time is 1305035949 (minimum one second step)
    I see into the forum many people have the same issue, but they don’t replay possible you can know how fix this.
    From Argentina

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