This is a quite handy command, of course you have also curl and wget. But I kind of like lftp because there is so many diferent configurations that can be set, it seems it also work for torrents!
The configuration file is on /etc/lftp.conf
In my case I needed to acess a ftps via proxy, and had no problem doing that.
lftp -c ‘open -e “set ftp:ssl-force true; set ftp:ssl-protect-data true;mget * ” -u “ftp_cool”,”36:123!523v323VDX712o<"' here is my /etc/lftp.conf: alias dir ls alias less more alias zless zmore alias bzless bzmore alias reconnect "close; cache flush; cd ." alias edit "eval -f \"get '$0' -o ~/.lftp/edit.tmp.$$ && shell \\\"cp -p ~/.lftp/edit.tmp.$$ ~/.lftp/edit.tmp.$$.orig && ${EDITOR:-vi} ~/.lftp/edit.tmp.$$ && test ~/.lftp/edit.tmp.$$ -nt ~/.lftp/edit.tmp.$$.orig\\\" && put ~/.lftp/edit.tmp.$$ -o '$0'; shell rm -f ~/.lftp/edit.tmp.$$*\"" set prompt "lftp \S\? \u\@\h:\w> ”
set sync-mode/ on
set sync-mode/ on
set sync-mode/ on
set auto-sync-mode “icrosoft FTP Service|MadGoat|MikroTik”
set xfer:max-redirections 10
#configure PROXY
set hftp:proxy
set http:proxy
set xfer:clobber on
set cmd:term-status/*screen* “\e_\T\e\\”
set cmd:term-status/*xterm* “\e[11;0]\e]2;\T\007\e[11]”
set cmd:term-status/*rxvt* “\e[11;0]\e]2;\T\007\e[11]”

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