Centreon 2.7.x Reporting Dashboard Undetermined

There is a problem with centreon Dashboard where it can not generate the reporting
The evidence of the problem is here:
su -l centreon -c “/usr/share/centreon/cron/eventReportBuilder”
2016-05-16 12:03:03 – Starting program…
2016-05-16 12:03:03 – Processing period: Sun May 15 00:00:00 2016 => Mon May 16 00:00:00 2016
Error: Can’t call method “query” on an undefined value at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/centreon/reporting/CentreonDownTime.pm line 96.


Connect to the centreon DB and run
UPDATE centreon.options SET value=’broker’ WHERE value=’ndo’;
Make sure the comand now works:
su -l centreon -c “/usr/share/centreon/cron/eventReportBuilder”

Rebuilding data:

su -l centreon -c “/usr/share/centreon/cron/eventReportBuilder -r –config=/etc/centreon/conf.pm”
su -l centreon -c “/usr/share/centreon/cron/dashboardBuilder -r –config=/etc/centreon/conf.pm”
Take a look at my script to automate reporting via e-mail:

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4 thoughts on “Centreon Reporting Dashboard Undetermined

  1. This fixed my problem! I’ve been fighting with it for weeks and this fixed it.
    I want to make you aware of a typo in your post. In the rebuilding data section you have (-config=/etc/centreon/conf.pm) and it should have 2 dashes (–config=/etc/centreon/conf.pm).
    Thanks again!

  2. @Wes Cherry
    Looks like it might be an auto-correction that caused the two dashes to merge together into one longer dash. It did the same thing to my post.

  3. Hi, i know this is an old post but l will try.
    I’ve a very similar problem on a Centreon Version 20.04 stable istance, installed on a CentOS 7.
    Dashboard -> Hosts

    Host state : all value are undeterminated
    State Breakdowns For Host Services: perfect.

    Only “host state” result on this way.
    The value on centreon.options was “Broker” from the first time of installation.
    Any ideas?

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