Well I just went back to this old script, I rewrote so it will now work with Nagios.
The output is simple and just reports total Top emailers, the script also requires/takes 3 arguments
topemailers.vbs 3 5000 10000
would report only the Top 3 senders of yestarday and would raise alarm to Warning if TOTAL emails sent yestarday were 5000 and critical for over 10000.
The scriptauto downloads the required files (logparser.dll)
Note: NRPE_NT service must run under a exchange admin account, under local system it will not work.
More about the history of this script is here
Output Example:

Status OK 1116 – postmaster@rera.org(93) – postmaster@rera.org(558) – postmaster@rera.org(465)

Download Code from here

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2 thoughts on “Exchange Top Senders Nagios Plugin

  1. F,
    Do you have the latest working version?
    The arguments are not correct, the first one = serverOut?
    And what about the SortVBArray problem?
    Thanks in A.
    Dirk db.

  2. Hello,
    I try to run the script
    ./check_nrpe -H -p 5666 -t 30 -c get_top_emailers 3 5000 10000
    but the response is “Failed to execute get_top_emailers seems more like a script maybe you need a script executable first: failed to lookup error code: 193 (reason: 87)”.
    in nsclient.ini in WINDOWS :
    [/settings/external scripts/scripts]
    I have some PowerShell script where we must add a pipe and other thing in the “[/settings/external scripts/scripts]” But for your script in .wsf I have no idea what I can edit.
    Thanks in A,

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