Nagios/Linux easy backup method
No backup tapes, no FTP. Just simple, mount a remote share and put files there.
The important part is to mount the share when the system starts up, so we
will could also edit the /etc/fstab file. But before editing make sure to try the mount
commands to make sure they work. I konw old kernels did not support smbfs or cifs,
and in that case maybe best to just use old FTP. I choose to mount and then
unmount when done.
vim backuptoshare.sh

mount -t cifs -o username=linuxbackup,password=caca3 // /mnt/backupshare
/bin/tar -cvvzf /mnt/backupshare/nagios_plugins.tar /usr/local/nagios/libexec
/bin/tar -cvvzf /mnt/backupshare/nagios_cfg.tar /usr/local/nagios/etc
umount //

Also note that you should be backing up the MySQL DBs I have also wrote a script for that, it is here.

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