Exchange server-side Auto reply rule.
Tested and it works on Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003.
1. Open your Exchange System Manager
2. Expand your “global Settings Folder”
3. Right Click on “Internet Message Formats”
4. Select the “Advanced” tab
5. Tick the box “Allow automatic Replies”
6. Click “ok” to save the setting

Now login to the mail account you want to send automatic reply from using Outlook 2003 or 2007 and set up a rule.

1. Start a new blank rule
2. select ”check messages when they arrive, then click “Next”
3. Don’t select anything, just click “next”
4. You should receive a message saying something like ” this will be applied to all message received, continue Yes / No”
5. click “Yes”
6. Select “Have Server reply using a specific message
7. create the message then close it will be saved.

To test, close outlook and send an email from outside to the configured account, you should get the auto reply.
This rule is not Client-Side it is Server-Side meaning that you do not need to have Outlook open in order for the rule to work.

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