Centreon 2.1-RC Available here
Pleased to announce the release of Centreon 2.1 RC4 as of 19/06/09
The Centreon team have been working a lot on this version during these past months and many new features have been added. Among those features, here are the main ones :
* New view “Unhandled Problems” : in the Monitoring section, you will now find views in which you can see problems that have not been acknowledged, nor planned in downtime.
* New configuration log : in the Administration section, you will find a new page that shows the changelog of your configuration objects such as Hosts, Services, Contacts etc…
* Timezones are now handled in the Contact configuration : it is now possible to put a timezone in the user configuration.
* Timezones are now handled in the Host configuration : it is now possible to put a timezone in the host configuration. Each host will then be monitored with a check time period depending on its time period. This feature was often requested by firms which run their monitoring system in very large WAN networks.
* Major enhancement was done on Treeview menus (Views and Monitoring > Event Logs sections)
* New search fields have been added in some pages (Views, Monitoring > Event Logs) thus offering a better and more accurate filtering system
* New menu system : navigation is now on a whole different level, we will now save many mouse clicks and loading time when navigating from one page to another
* ACL system has been enhanced with better performance
* Monitoring dashboard has been enhanced to make it as reactive as possible. Many benchmarks were done, and the dashboard is proved the be much better in terms of performance.
* Nagios Configuration files generation engine has been enhanced. Configuration files will be generated much faster than before : it actually takes 10 times less amount of time to generate files in an environment with over 3,000 hosts and 50,000 services.
* Censtorage has been enhanced, database queries have been optimized.
* Centreon-core has been enhanced, it performs better exchanges of the data files
Download it from here
You may find more information here
Keep up with the Centreon roadmap here

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