Centreon Reporting shows states as “undetermined”
The hosts and services are correctly monitored in the “Monitoring” module but in the “Reporting” module all states are shown as undetermined.
To get straight to the point: it is most likely, that a single setting is not configured correctly in the ndomod.cfg:
In the Centreon 2.0 webinterface go to
Configuration > Centreon > ndomod.cfg > Principal Poller
Now have a look at “Data processing options”. If it is set to “-1” nothing will be written to the database. In order to get it working you need to enter the correct value. Use “67108863” if “everything” should be written to the database. The German company Consol offers a free online calculator for the data_processing_options-setting.
If changing this value doesn’t fix your problem you need to check that your installation meets the following requirements:

1. Nagios is installed (preferably built from source!)
2. NDOUtils is installed
3. The NDO/Nagios database has been created and is accessible by the nagios db user
4. The NDO-daemon (ndo2db) is running
5. The settings for database name, db user, db password, log files, socket, buffer files, etc. are configured correctly in all configuration files (i. e. the values are equal)

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3 thoughts on “Centreon Reporting shows states as “undetermined”

  1. Heey felipe,
    thanks for your information regarding Centreon. It helped me so much during the installation of several centreon installations.
    one question. is there any way to remove the “undetermined” status in the reporting view? i’ve added a few servers, but the reporting didn’t work in the beginning, so i now have a lot of undetermined time in the view.
    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  2. Dear Team,
    I have faced one strange issue in my Centreon related with reporting.I have not able to fetch the data before 3 months,it is shown undermined on Centreon.I have added the devices 1 year back but not able to fetch the data more than 3 mionths.Can you please help in this.

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