How to Configure IIS 6.0 with Storage
1. Create a limited permissions account on the Domain Controller or the same name and password in all web servers.
2. Add your newly created account to the IIS_WPG Local security group.
3. On the storage server give permissions ( i recommend Read & Execute) to the root share folder,
if you are just serving content you can go with just read.
4. On each web server create a new application pool and set the process identity to your newly created account.
This will make .NET run under that account, unless impersonation is used.
5. Set the website to use the new application pool that you just configured.
6. Create your WebSite using the full UNC path to the folder in question
(i.e. SERVERNAMESHARENAME). Be sure to provide the same credentials that you use for the new account.
Troubleshooting UNC-Related Problems (IIS 6.0)
Disable ASP file caching
1. Open IIS Manager.
2. Right-click <ComputerName>, where <ComputerName> is the name of your computer, and then click Properties.
3. Click Edit to edit the WWW Service Master Properties.
4. On the Home Directory tab, click Configuration.
5. On the Process Options tab, select the Do not cache ASP files option.
6. Click Apply, and then click OK to save your changes.
7. Restart IIS.
To disable static file caching
Add the following value to the registry:
DisableMemoryCache: REG_DWORD: 1
You need to restart the server for this setting to take effect.

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