Nagios release a new version this month 03/2010

3.2.1 – 03/09/2010


  • Link to allow scheduling downtime for all services on a host (Hendrik Baecker)
  • Speedup to CGIs when lots of comments or downtimes in status.dat file (Jonathan Kamens)
  • Patch for new_mini_epn to allow for any command line length without breaking extra trailing or leading whitespace (Ray Bengen)


  • Fix for incorrect scheduling when time has gone back an hour (partial fix for 24×7)
  • Fix for compile on Fedora Core 3 (bug #0000082)
  • Fix for compile on Solaris
  • Fix for logging test, which was not timezone aware (bug #0000077 – Allan Clark)
  • Trivial cleanups for autoconf (Allan Clark)
  • Fix for CSS validation of padding: X
  • Fix for documentation re: case-insensitive nature of custom variables (Marc Powell)
  • Fix for template configurations which use negated wildcards (Tim Wilde)


  • N/A

Centreon 2.1.5 was released on 02/26/2010

The changelog is:

  • fix: problem with graph and nsclient ++
  • fix: problem with last year in reporting
  • fix: hostgroup escalation export
  • fix: cgi.cfg generation
  • fix: problem on icone un service extended information
  • fix: problem on downtime for services and hosts
  • fix: event logs
  • fix: LDAP authentication
  • fix: LDAP import
  • fix: service group view display double information
  • fix: first notification delay not managed by meta services
  • fix: host duplication problem
  • fix: remove null password possibility for MySQL account during setup
  • fix: autocomplete password disable in contact form
  • fix: requiretty problem managed for CentOS/Redhat

For install only :
Launch “./”
For update Centreon ( > 2.0) :
Launch “bash -u /directory/etc/centreon”
-u argument is the directy where you can find configuration
files “instCent*.conf”.
For updating centreon 2.0.X to 2.1.X, please give Centreon MySQL user right formodifying database schema. In order give access, launch the following commande line :
Here “nagios” is the name of NDO Database.
mysql> GRANT ALTER ON nagios.* to ‘centreon’@’localhost’;  FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
I made the update from 2.1.4 to 2.1.5 on CentOS 5.4 and Fedora with no problems noticed, so far so good!
Go ahead and download it

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