How to configure NC_NET execute a vbs script
I was used to the simplicity of NRPE_NT, where
things are much easier and straight forward.
I am now tring NC_NET wich for startes requires Framework 2.0 and a server reboot to be installed.
Also the configuration file is HUGE, there are way more possiblities including passive checks witch I dont use.
Its for sure a more powerfull tool but wish it was easier to use.
For example I spen 2hrs to find out how to execute a vbs script I created.
Here is how to do it:
1.Copy script to C:PROGRA~1MontitechNC_Netscript also copy cscript (otherwise wont work!)
2. Edit lines on NC_NET config file startup.cfg
do_not_blaim_nc_net    true
allow_run_scripts    true
For troubleshooting:
testrun    true
3. Restart the service
4. You can verify on eventviewr if ur changes where OK.
5. Call the vbs from nagios
The hard part was to find out how to call the vbs!
for help
./check_nt –help=RUNSCRIPT
To Run
./check_nt -H <HOST> -v RUNSCRIPT  -l “cscript.exe //nologo C:PROGRA~1MontitechNC_NetscriptSCRIPT.vbs -p E:Logs -e”

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