Nagios has released its latest version!
3.2.2 – 09/01/2010
* Patch to new_mini_epn to allow any command line length without breaking on extra trailing or leading whitespace (Ray Bengen)
* Patch to mini_epn to allow any command line length (Thomas Guyot-Sionnest)
* Patch to speed up loading of state retention data (Matthieu Kermagoret)
* Custom notifications are now suppressed during scheduled downtime (Sven Nierlein)
* Added code to warn user about exit code of 126 meaning plugin is not executable (bug #153)
* Scheduled downtime can now start on SOFT error states (bug #47)
* Main window frame URL can now be specify with a “corewindow=” parameter
* Improved config CGI shows commands, command args in an easier to use manner (Jochen Bern)
* Added ability for NEB modules to override execution of event handlers (Sven Nierlein)
* Custom macros are no longer cleaned/stripped as they are user-defined and should be trusted (Peter Morch)
* Fix for choosing next valid time on day of DST change when clocks go one hour backwards
* Fix for nagios now erroring when “Error: Could not find any contactgroup matching…” displayed
* Fix tap tests for Solaris 10 and newer versions of Test::Harness
* Fix for notifications not being sent out when scheduled downtime is cancelled (Daniel Pouzzner)
* Fix for first notification delay being calculated incorrectly, and notifications potentially going out early (Pawel Malachowski)
* Fix for text of scheduling downtime of all services on a host (Holger Weiss)
* Fix for services inheriting notification period from hosts if not defined (Gordon Messmer)
* Fix for incorrect service states on host failures (bug #130 Petya Kohts)
* Fix for incorrect service state attributes being set on host failures (bug #128 Petya Kohts)
* Fix for non-scheduled hosts and services not being updated in NDOUtils
* Fix for typos in TAC, CMD CGIs (bugs #150, #144, #148)
* Fix for types in documentation (bugs #145, #105, #106)
* Fix for incorrect host state counts in status CGI when viewing servicegroups (bug #72)
* Fix for new Splunk integration query parameters (bug #136)
* Fix for extra field header in availability CSV export (bug #113)
* Fix for macro processing code modifying input string (Jochen Bern)
* Fix for update check API
* Fix for CGI speedup when persistent=0 for comments
* Fix for event execution loop re-scheduling host checks instead of executing them if service checks are disabled (bug #152)
* Fix for segfaults on Solaris (Torsten Huebler)
* Fix for incorrect comment expiration times being passed to event broker (Mattieu Kermagot)
* Doc updates related to cleaning of custom macros (Peter Valdemar Morch)
* Fix to sample notify-service-by-email command (bug #62)
* Fix for retaining host display name and alias, as well as service display name (Folkert van Heusden)

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