The Nagios Plugin Collection is a set of scripts for the Nagios monitoring project to check the status off various system components.
Please release these notes before reporting any bugs to Bugdatabase. Thanks.
The following scripts are included in this release. For a detailed description please have a look at the usage informations of the scripts.
* check_groupshield
Checks the update status of the engine, the dat version and the antispam engine/dat files of the McAfee GroupShield 6.x for Exchange 200x.
* check_ipconfig
Make sure all required ip addresses and correct subnet masks are configured on the correct interface
* check_mscluster
This script can check the normal healthy status of a Microsoft(TM) Windows cluster. It can also check the status of several resource or groups.
* check_netshares
Make sure, the machine offerts all requested NetBios shares. This script does not validate the ACL permissions yet.
* check_onlineupdates/inspect_onlineupdates
The inspect_onlineupdates script search for new available Windows online updates and store them into a database. (Run this script from task scheduler regularly). The corresponding check script evaluate the database and alert if updates are pending or a reboot is required.
* check_perfcounter
To monitor performance counters on a machine this script can be used. It query the specified performance counter and alter if a value is to high.
* check_printers
Check the status of all printers on a Windows printserver. Can alert if a printer has a non-healthy state or if the queue contains too much print jobs.
* check_processes
Alerts if a process is not running, too much process, too little processes and so on. The syntax of the tests is stolen from the Unix test(1) command.
* check_service
Make sure all automatic services are running. Or if special services are specified, this script checks if they are running.
* check_shadowcopy
Count the created snapshots of a volume and alters if not enough snapshots are created; or if the last created snapshot is to old.
* check_taskscheduler
Reports errors if a scheduled task has not been started yet, or the task returns wich an non-success value.
* check_tcp
This is a simple clone of the check_tcp script from the Nagios plugin package which runs under windows which a compiler. Not all options are supported yet.
* check_uptime
Make sure the system is not in safe-mode. Alerts if the uptime is lower then a specified time and if the system was rebooted unexepectedly (system log).
* check_virusscan
This is the counter part of the check_groupshield script, but I checks the update status of a McAfee AntiVirus 8.5i installation: Engine, Dat.
* check_memory
Checks the free or used memory on a Windows machine.
* check_pagefile
Checks the pagefile usage on a Windows machines.
* check_processor
Check the CPU load on a Windows machine (at the moment no loadaverage is supported)
* check_win_disk
Checks the free or used space on a Windows volume. (The values can be percent or byte units)

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